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Youth Leader How To's

How to Test Your Ministry’s Structural Integrity

Building a healthy youth ministry is like stacking a house of cards—when one card is out of place, the whole thing falls apart.

How You Can Learn From Disappointment

Disappointment is no fun. But if we learn from it, we can go a long way toward preventing future disappointment.

How to Recapture Teenagers in Our Churches

Teenagers are leaving the church because many churches have left their core mission ... keeping our teenagers focused on Jesus and his mission.

How to Communicate Your Message With Authority

The more authority you have behind your message the more people will engage.

How to Cure Your Students' Happathy

Happathy is the result of trying to make students like church through games, high-energy music and slick events.

4 Steps to Help You Work Within Your Limits

It would be awesome not to have to move a couch or stack chairs each week.

How to Ensure Your Volunteers Leave Frustrated and Worn Out

For volunteers to stick around in your ministry, they must feel like they are a vital part of something meaningful. Plain and simple.

How to Get Students Serving in Your Church

Cast vision so teenagers can see the bigger picture.

20 Tips to Spice Up Your Next Bible Study

We can get in the habit of teaching the same basic structure of a lesson over and over again.

How You Can Get More Buy-In From Parents

Build up buy-in by making sure parents know you care.

How to Build Trust With Your Volunteers

If volunteers don’t feel like they can trust you, your team will either dwindle in numbers or become very unhealthy.

How to Deal With Your Students' Doubt and Questions

One of the main tasks of youth workers is to help play a role in leading teenagers to take more ownership of their faith.

How to Tackle Ministry Pressure

Youth ministry is filled with pressure situations; it’s inevitable.

How to Keep Your Youth Ministry Batteries Charged

Don’t ever forget exactly what that task is.

How You Can Help Hurting Parents

No matter the struggle, parents need pastoral care.

How to Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

Take the failures from camp and turn them into improvement.

How to Prep Your Teen for Adulthood

Be intentional with your teens in these three ways.

What to Do With Toxic Volunteers

Adult volunteers are so important to our ministry programs.

Os Guinness: How ‘Signals of Transcendence’ Lead People To Seek the...

Dr. Os Guinness joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss how God uses “signals” like love, justice, joy, and beauty to break into our lives and draw us to himself. 

Youth Leader How To's