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Preventing Ministry Failure: Avoid These 10 KidMin Mistakes

Need tips for preventing ministry failure? Check out these 10 common but costly mistakes in children's ministry.

Children’s Ministry Volunteers: 7 Solutions If You’re Short on Helpers

Are you short on children’s ministry volunteers? With these seven ideas, you’ll solve a volunteer crisis quickly.

Trunk or Treat Games for Church: 12 Fun Ideas to Try This Fall

Fun, festive activities such as carnivals, hayrides, and Trunk or Treat nights lead to lots of smiles and great memories. Plus, they’re a nonthreatening way to introduce people to your church. Discover a bushel of Trunk or Treat games for church that you can try this fall.

Children’s Ministry Checklist: 19 Items You Need to Keep Handy

Use this children's ministry checklist for just-in-case items you'll likely need in classrooms. Keep these 19 items handy!

Change the World: Help Your Kids Avoid Negative Christianity

I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I don’t want to raise my children to buy into the lie of negative Christianity.

5 Reasons Why Kids Aren’t Listening to Your Lessons

Do you ever have trouble with getting kids to listen to your lessons? If the answer is "yes," then you are not alone. We've all had times where it seemed we couldn't get the kids to engage with our lesson. 

Sermons4Kids: Top 10 Children’s Sermons to Share With Kids

Sermons4Kids offers a one-stop resource for oodles of children’s messages. No matter what Bible lesson or topic you’re teaching, you’ll find what you need—at no cost.

Ministry Position Switcheroo: 12 Questions to Ask During an Interview

Considering a new ministry position can be exciting as well as intimidating. Based on my experience, I've compiled a list of 12 essential questions to ask very early in the interview process.

VBS Volunteer Gifts: 98 Ways to Say Thank You for Volunteering

VBS volunteer gifts are an important way to appreciate program helpers. Saying thank you for volunteering also helps ensure that those helpers return. Check out these 98 ideas for thanking kidmin volunteers!

How to Help Your Child Grow Spiritually: 7 Tips to Guide Young Faith

Knowing how to help your child grow spiritually is a top priority for Christian parents. Being able to guide children to grow spiritually is a privilege but can seem weighty at times. Read these 7 helpful tips on faith development and growth.

Creation Scavenger Hunt, Plus More Summer-Friendly Activities for Kids

Outdoor activities such as a creation scavenger hunt help children learn about God's world. Plus, they build bonds of friendship and are loads of fun! So try this wide range of summer experiences with kids!

Successful Children’s Ministry: 18 Tips Every Leader Needs to Know

Many people who step into church children's ministry literally have no idea what they are getting into. When I started helping kids at church, I was clueless. So here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.

Kindergarten Promotion Ideas for Reaching Out to Parents

Kindergarten promotion is a highlight of every back-to-school season at our church. In our children's ministry, it's a way to celebrate and welcome new students and reach out to parents.

Books of the Bible Song: 12 Lively Versions That Children Will Love

A books of the Bible song is a fun way to teach kids about God’s Word. Use these 12 tunes to help children memorize the 66 books of Scripture.

5 Reasons Why Children Like Going to a Church

Is your church a place where children like to be? One of our goals should be to create a place where kids love to come.  

Ideas for Church Family Events: 5 Volunteer-Free Summer Ideas

Need ideas for church family events this summer? Instead of bringing families to your building, try taking them out for fun in your community! Consider these 5 easy ideas.

Back to School Prayers for Students: Share These With Parents

Need some back to school prayers to share with parents in your church? Here are two prayers for students that I share with the parents in our children's ministry.

Church Games for Kids: 17 Just-for-Fun Children’s Activities

Church games for kids are a blast to play. When you just want to have fun with kids, check out these 17 group games for children.

How Children Can Help Make Your Children’s Ministry Better

Did you know that children can make your children's ministry better when you include them in your planning, evaluations, brainstorming and creating?  

Summer Church Activities: 7 Faith-Builders for Families

Looking for summer church activities for families? Check out these easy, inexpensive yet powerful suggestions. They're sure to spark great conversations about faith.

Co-Founder of ‘Dating App for the Right Wing’ Expects To Draw...

The Right Stuff, a new dating app aimed at political conservatives, launched on Friday, Sept. 30. Former Trump aide John McEntee and and former Trump appointee Daniel Huff co-founded the app, which is billed as “a dating app for the right wing.”

Eric Geiger: What the ‘Alarming’ State of Theology Report Means for...

Eric Geiger joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the recently released The State of Theology report, which Geiger calls “alarming.” But there is still some good news for church leaders.

Children's Ministry Leaders