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When It Comes to Children’s Entertainment, Will Christians Answer Disney’s Move?

Recent developments with the Walt Disney Company should be a wake up call to Christians to produce higher quality Children’s programming.

4 Reasons We Allow Our Kids to Question Us and Our Faith

For many Christian parents, because they don’t allow their children to question them in matters of obedience, they often assume the same mentality should apply to their faith. Here's why we should let our kids question us in our faith.

Easter Community Outreach Ideas: Kids Can Share Food to Spare

If you need Easter community outreach ideas, check out simple, meaningful idea for children.

The Importance of Discipleship in Children’s Ministry

If we are going to see kids follow Jesus for a lifetime, we must help them become growing, passionate and intentional disciples. Here's what Jesus-centered discipleship looks like in children's ministry.

Palm Sunday Object Lesson: The Rocks Cry Out

Use this Palm Sunday object lesson: The Rocks Cry Out to help kids learn that they can praise Jesus! Luke 19:40 “And He answered and said, ‘I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out!’”

Easter Is Not About the Bunny: One KidMin Director’s Perspective

As a children’s ministry director, I keep the Easter bunny out of our church events. That's because Easter is not about the bunny. It's about Jesus!

Seven Practical Ways to Welcome Kids to Worship

Our traditional service structures often make it difficult to extend the hand of welcome to the next generation and it can be difficult to maneuver within those confines and find ways of incorporating all generations.

Easter Activities for Kids: Baskets of Fun Ideas Children Will Love

Check out all these great Easter activities for kids! They include Easter games, crafts, snacks and more.

Children’s Church Songs: 20 Great Tunes for Worshiping With Kids

God uses music to reach young hearts. Here are 20 children’s church songs your kids will love!

Tips for Leaders Who Lack the Crucial Skill of Listening Well

Being a good listener is a critical part of being a great leader.  People can tell when you are not really listening.  Your body language or that distant look in your eyes shows people you are not really listening to them.  They pick up on the vibe that you are simply waiting for them to stop talking, so you can talk.

Easter Sunday School Lesson: Help Children Celebrate Jesus’ Victory

Use this free Easter Sunday school lesson to teach children that Jesus defeated death when he rose from the dead. Adapt the activities for your class!

Raising Spiritual Kids in a Sexual World

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s not hard to see that we live in a sexualized world in just about every way. Themes and images of sexual and sensual things are lurking around every corner that we turn.

Fruit of the Spirit Lesson for Kids: 5 Ideas for Sunday School

With this fruit of the Spirit lesson for kids, students will learn how God blesses and uses them. Children of all ages can be instruments to show God's love to others!

An Inside Look at What Today’s Kids Like

When you show kids that you care enough about them to enter their world and engage with their favorite things, it will open their heart to hear what you have to say.  

Should I Allow My Child to Question His or Her Faith?

In our home, we have a “no question is off limits” policy that has allowed for our kids to question things we do or things we believe when they don’t fully understand or know the reasons behind them.

Religious Jokes and Riddles: 13 Bible Chuckles for Children

A great way to connect with kids is through religious jokes and riddles. You can use them in the Sunday school classroom or to open children's church. They're also perfect for mealtime. Check out these 13 funnies!

10 Skills You Need to Be an Exceptional Children’s Ministry Leader

Do you want to be an exceptional children's ministry leader?  Here are 10 key skills you can work on and grow in that will help you knock it out of the ballpark.

Resurrection Scavenger Hunt: Embark on a Fun Easter Event

Try this unique, meaningful Resurrection scavenger hunt with families. They'll have a blast while learning the true point of Easter.

Armor of God for Kids: 50 Ways to Teach This Bible Lesson

Children need the armor of God to stand strong during spiritual battle. Check out 50 of the best ideas to teach the armor of God for kids.

7 Great Ways to Teach Kids to Pray

Children talk naturally with their friends and family. Wouldn’t it be exciting if we could teach kids to pray and talk to God just as easily!

Bullets Interrupt Woman Sharing Gospel on Facebook Live

Jacksonville, Florida, resident Loveyd Walker was preaching the gospel on Facebook Live Wednesday night when stray bullets from a street fight pierced through the walls of her home, nearly hitting her.

Children's Ministry Leaders