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Children’s Sermon for St. Patrick’s Day: The Story of the Shamrock

In this children’s sermon for St. Patrick’s Day, kids will learn how St. Patrick used a shamrock to teach about the Trinity.

Children’s Ministry Volunteer: You’re an Amazing Servant of God!

Want to uplift a children's ministry volunteer? Share these insights to remind your kidmin helpers they're making an eternal difference in children's lives.

Classroom Emergency Procedures for Church and Children’s Ministry

Classroom emergency procedures are essential for churches and Sunday school programs. In case of emergencies or evacuations, are you and your kidmin staff prepared?

Why EVERY Parent Should Be a Hugger

I’m not ashamed to say it, that we are a hugging family. We hug each other a lot. And it’s intentional. Hugs are important.

10 Surprising Reasons Our Kids Leave Church

It's distressing to see our kids leaving Christianity. If you're wondering why they are, here are 10 surprising reasons kids eventually stop going to church.

How to Make a Child Feel Loved: 12 Easy Yet Powerful Ideas

Are you wondering how to make a child feel loved and valued? It's not that difficult but much needed. Anyone can use these 12 tips to show love to kids.

Friendship Activities Preschool Children Will Love: 3 Fun Ideas

Need friendship activities preschool kids will enjoy? Then check out these three age-appropriate friendship-building ideas for young children.

Preschool Valentine Crafts: 14 Fun Activities for Young Children

These 14 sweet preschool valentine crafts are ideal for young children in your church and Sunday school classes.

Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers: 12 Helpful Points

Classroom management tips for new teachers can help them thrive. That's especially important in Sunday school classes. So read and share these 12 expert suggestions!

Teaching the Bible to Kids: Tips for Parents

The Bible is central in the lives of many families, but making it accessible to children can be challenging. So here are a few tips and Christian activities that parents can use to successfully share the Bible with their children.

Sunday School Dropouts: Debunking a Bad-News Myth About Kids

Preventing Sunday school dropouts and church dropouts is crucial. How do we keep kids from leaving the church and the faith? First, we need to debunk a myth.

Valentine’s Day Game for Elementary Students: Balloon Buddies

In this hands-off, high-energy Valentine’s Day game for elementary students, kids try not to “let down” their buddies. Play it with the children in your Sunday school classes.

How to Train Up a Child in a Godly Way: 10 Keys for Christian Parents

Christian parents want to know how to train up a child in a godly way. And children's ministry workers can help them out by sharing these 10 valuable tips.

What About the Families Who Didn’t Return to Church After COVID?

As I interact with churches across the country, I normally ask them this question: "Have you had any families that walked away from church during COVID and have not come back?" The answer is always "yes."

Teaching Kids to Pray: 6 Tips for Modeling a Prayer-Filled Life

Teaching kids to pray is one of the most important roles of Christian parents and Sunday school teachers. Read on for six simple but powerful tips for teaching children how to pray.

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas: 12 Lovely Kidmin Displays

Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas are a sweet way to celebrate and share God's love. Plus, in children's ministry hallways and classrooms, these displays are perfect for expressing love for students.

3 Ways to Protect Your Child From Their Own Heart

Solomon wanted his son to know how to direct his heart rather than be destroyed by it. So he gave these three reminders to his son that you can teach to your child to protect them from their own heart.

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lesson: Teaching Kids About God’s Love

A Fruit of the Spirit Bible lesson will be a hit with Sunday school kids. You can also adapt it for children's church or a Valentine's Day event.

Valentine’s Day Snack Ideas for Kids: 6 Easy, Delicious Treats

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day snack ideas for kids? Then check out six of my favorite Valentine’s Day snacks.

Parent Safety Expectations—A Personal Perspective

Whether you are a small church plant or a large, established program, child safety is the key to attracting new families and giving peace-of-mind to the families you already serve. 

Nick Hall on Asbury, Gen Z and Why He Believes ‘God...

Nick Hall joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about what he witnessed at Asbury University, the signs of true revival, and why he believes God is moving in a special way.

Children's Ministry Leaders