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Religious Jokes and Riddles: 13 Bible Chuckles for Children

A great way to connect with kids is through religious jokes and riddles. You can use them in the Sunday school classroom or to open children's church. They're also perfect for mealtime. Check out these 13 funnies!

10 Skills You Need to Be an Exceptional Children’s Ministry Leader

Do you want to be an exceptional children's ministry leader?  Here are 10 key skills you can work on and grow in that will help you knock it out of the ballpark.

Resurrection Scavenger Hunt: Embark on a Fun Easter Event

Try this unique, meaningful Resurrection scavenger hunt with families. They'll have a blast while learning the true point of Easter.

Armor of God for Kids: 50 Ways to Teach This Bible Lesson

Children need the armor of God to stand strong during spiritual battle. Check out 50 of the best ideas to teach the armor of God for kids.

7 Great Ways to Teach Kids to Pray

Children talk naturally with their friends and family. Wouldn’t it be exciting if we could teach kids to pray and talk to God just as easily!

Vacation Bible School Ideas: 70 Tips for Your Best-Ever VBS

Your children's ministry can use and adapt these 70 vacation Bible school ideas and tips this summer!

Should Kids Watch Disney’s New ‘Turning Red’ Movie? One Mom’s Honest Review

In Disney's latest animated release to hit the streaming platform this year, "Turning Red" is the coming of age movie that no child needs and no parent asked for.

11 Easter Songs for Kids to Sing and Celebrate This Season

The good news of Easter warrants lots of worship and praise—and children can join in the celebration! Christian Easter songs for kids help them understand Jesus’ resurrection and share its message with others.

Resolving Team Conflict

Team members bring different perspectives and knowledge to the table. And this can lead to conflict. As a leader, it is important that you help resolve conflict in a biblical manner. Let's look at some ways you can do this. 

Sharing the Gospel With Kids: Keep the Message Simple

A focal point of children's ministry must be sharing the Gospel with kids. Evangelism takes practice, but these tips make it easier.

How To Raise A Generous Child

Our children will either be “givers” or “takers” in society, and that will be greatly influenced by the life they live in our homes.

Easter Ideas for Kids Church: 7 Creative Bible-Based Activities

Check out these seven Holy Week and Easter ideas for kids church. They’ll open children's eyes to the wonder of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Free Easter Play Scripts for Your Children’s Ministry Dramas

As your church plans for Easter, consider using free Easter play scripts. These 3 free Easter dramas are always a hit with children of all ages.

Easter Sunday School Activities: A Dozen Egg-cellent Ideas for Kids

Easter Sunday school activities convey the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. If you’re running out of creative ideas, check out these 12.

Preschool Sunday School Lessons: 3 Ideas for Children’s Messages

Do you need fresh ideas for preschool Sunday school lessons? These three brief lessons are a hit at our preschool Chapel Chat

Parents, Don’t Avoid Ukraine-Russia Conversation. Lean Into It.

Here are three practical ways to lean into family conversations about Russia and Ukraine with your kids.

Family Church Service Ideas for Keeping Everyone Together

Are you looking for family church service ideas? Many congregations try to incorporate times where the family can stay together to worship and learn about God together. Check out these five suggestions.

10 Great Ways Kids Can Serve at Church

Did you know that studies show that kids and teenagers who serve in their local church are far less likely to walk away from their faith as they get older? And there are great ways kids can serve at church. 

Easter Coloring Pages: Creative Resources to Delight Kids

Easter coloring pages delight kids of all ages while conveying biblical truths about Jesus’ resurrection. Check out all these free resources!

Nursery Sunday School Lesson: Help Little Children Praise God

Use this brief but meaningful nursery Sunday school lesson to teach the littlest ones in your children’s ministry. They’re sure to enjoy making a joyful noise to God!

Leonard Sweet: Church Leaders, God Has Given You This Moment—Don’t Miss...

Dr. Leonard Sweet joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what our current cultural “volcanoes” mean for the church and why he sees hope amid the chaos.

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