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Children’s Ministry Training Basics You NEED to Include for Volunteers

Children's ministry training is a hot topic. How (and how often) do you train your kidmin volunteers?

Bible Lessons for Toddlers: Tips & Resources for Sharing God’s Love

Bible lessons for toddlers are so important because little children are so important to Jesus! Use these tips and resources.

Birth Mother Letter: Thank You to a Beautiful and Brave Woman

Read this touching letter to a birth mother who gave the precious gift of life.

7 Ways To Increase Safety at Your VBS This Summer

Anyone who thinks running a VBS is easy has probably never done it. Here's how to make sure that the VBS at your church is safe and secure.

How to Retain Volunteers: Why the Best Helpers Regularly Return

Want to know how to retain volunteers? Discover 5 reasons the best helpers return to children's ministry year after year!

Characteristics of Middle Schoolers: 3 Things You Need to Know

Knowing some common characteristics of middle schoolers will help you teach and minister to preteens.

4 Reasons We Allow Our Kids To Question Us and Our Faith

For many Christian parents, because they don’t allow their children to question them in matters of obedience, they often assume the same mentality should apply to their faith. Here's why we should let our kids question us in our faith.

How to Explain the Holy Trinity to a Child: 3 Important Teaching Tips

Because it's a mystery, knowing how to explain the holy Trinity to a child can be challenging. We can never fully understand God's three-in-one nature. But we can and should grow in our understanding of the holy Trinity.

How to Recruit Volunteers Who Stay in Your Children’s Ministry Program

How to recruit volunteers who stick around is a key challenge for most children's ministry leaders. Check out these 11 tips for finding helpers who stay.

Traveling Down the Road to Biblical Illiteracy

America is traveling down the road to biblical illiteracy. Here is an example that recently took place.

Delegation in Ministry: 10 Steps to Completing Effective Handoffs

Are you making productive use of delegation in your children's ministry? Try these 10 delegating tips from a kidmin veteran.

Catechism Use Can Help Parents Develop Their Children’s Faith

How can families incorporate a catechism into their faith-based teachings? Learn the ins and outs of using catechisms with children.

Five Reasons Why People Don’t Volunteer

There could be many reasons why people don't volunteer in children's ministry. Some of those reasons we can do nothing about. They are simply out of our control. However, many of the reasons that keep people away from children’s ministry can be addressed and fixed.

Bible Stories for Preschoolers: 9 Places to Find Lessons for Little Learners

Bible stories for preschoolers contain age-appropriate, easy to remember lessons from God's Word. Check out all these options!

Family Olympics Ideas: 6 Awesome Summer Games to Try With Kids

Family Olympics ideas are a hit for summer, even if it's not an Olympics year. These 6 fun Olympics-style games are for everyone.

How to Get Guests to Return: Practical Ways to Welcome Visitors

How to get guests to return is a question every church and children's ministry asks. Read on for loads of practical tips so visitors will come join you again.

10 Ways To Say ‘You Are Welcome!’

Being present in a space and being welcome in a space are not the same thing. Here are 10 practical ways you can communicate that children are welcome in your worship services.

12 Community Service Projects Kids Can Do in Small Groups

Don't just talk about serving others, use these 12 ideas to have kids serving and reaching the community.

8 Important Steps To Take After VBS

Summers were made for VBS! What a great opportunity it gives us to reach and disciple the next generation. Here are eight things to do once VBS is over.

Fruit of the Spirit Joy Activities: A Fun Game for Kids of All Ages

Fruit of the Spirit joy activities teach children about Christian living. In this fun game, kids discover how our hearts overflow with joy from God.

Faith-Based Resettlement Orgs Celebrate Moves To Maintain Refugee Cap

Faith-based refugee resettlement groups offered qualified praise for President Joe Biden amid news his administration plans to keep the annual refugee cap level at 125,000.

Benjamin Watson: What Church Leaders Need To Know About Abortion and...

Benjamin Watson joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss what the pro-life movement should focus on now that Roe has been overturned.

Children's Ministry Leaders