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What Is the Purpose of Sunday School? 4 Key Program Roles

What is the purpose of Sunday school? This Christian education program has four key parts: reaching, teaching, winning and caring.

5-Minute Children’s Sermons: 7 Bible-Based Messages for Kids

These 5-minute children’s sermons are short but powerful. They’re sure to grab and hold kids’ attention while teaching them core Christian truths.

My Kid Doesn’t ‘Get Anything’ Out of Church

One common concern I often hear from parents and other adult church members about including children in the corporate worship setting is that kids won’t “get” anything out of the worship or the sermon.

The Mighty Oak Tree Proverb: Helping Children Grow in Faith

The mighty oak tree proverb is a great example of faith growth. And in children's ministry, our most important goal is to help kids and families develop spiritually.

Why Did God Make Mosquitoes: A Buzzworthy Children’s Lesson

Why did God make mosquitoes is one of the many intriguing questions children ask their Sunday school teachers (and parents!). Use kids' curiosity to teach them the wonders of all parts of God's creation.

How to Solve the Absence of Children in the Church

Children are no longer being taken to church. In the past, even wayward adults would go back to church once they had children—for the sake of their kids. This has not been true for over a decade. Here's what we can do about it.

NFL Star Quits to Play for God’s Team: 3 Lessons for Families

Khari Willis is leaving the NFL to enter the Gospel ministry, potentially leaving millions of dollars on the table. Here are three life-lessons worth discussing with your kids about his decision.

Church Volunteer Burnout: Why It’s NOT Their Fault

Church volunteer burnout is costly, and it often comes back to poor leadership. Discover how to avoid seven mistakes with your kidmin helpers.

20 Keys To Keeping the Kids at Your Church Safe

Churches that want to reach families in today's culture must have a clear safety and security plan.  They must also have a way to keep Covid-19 from being spread at church.

How to Double Your Volunteers in One Month

Do you need more volunteers? Of course you do. I have never met a children's ministry that didn't need more volunteers. The big question...how can I get more volunteers to join our team?

Gen Z Slang: Dozens of Terms From Today’s Kid Culture

Gen Z slang may seem like a foreign language to older adults. But it's important to know the terms popular with kids we're teaching and reaching. Check out this list of Gen Z slang words.

20 Small Tips for Children’s Ministry That Will Bring Big Results

Excellence in ministry comes from doing the small things well. It's the result of paying attention to the details. Here are some small tips that can help you build and grow your ministry to the next level.

How to Be a Good Role Model: Bible-Based Steps for All Leaders

How to be a good role model is a key question for any church worker. The apostle Paul tells leaders, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”

13 Sanity Savers for VBS Directors

13 Sanity Savers for VBS Directors -  Details – big and small – must be planned out, tweaked, and re-tweaked to welcome a few hundred campers and volunteers to our program each day.  If you are overseeing VBS, you know exactly what I mean!

4th of July Game for Kids: Celebrate Our Freedom in Christ

Play this 4th of July game with kids to celebrate our Christian freedom! Sunday school students of all ages will enjoy this fun, Bible-based activity.

16 Tips for Recruiting Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Recruiting children's ministry volunteers who genuinely want to serve kids and teach them about Christ's love isn't as difficult as it might seem.

Childhood Trauma: Developmentally Appropriate and Trauma-Informed Interventions

When treating kids with trauma, I remember these two crucial elements: therapeutic relationships are essential, and being developmentally appropriate is honoring. For the sake of children, let’s join in the play.

Children’s Ministry Is Essential for Your Church’s Success

If you serve in children's ministry, you are serving in the most strategic ministry in the church. If your church is going to grow, it will be because your children's ministry starts growing.

Millennial Parents: 7 Ways to Reach Young Families Today

Millennial parents and today's young families are causing a paradigm shift in churches and children's ministry programs. Discover 7 important ways to reach millennials and their kids!

Gen Z Religion and Atheism: Cute Lessons May Backfire, Stats Show

Gen Z religion is a hot topic, and rightly so. Statistics show a high degree of atheism among kids born from 1999 to 2015. Find out how your children's ministry can address this urgent problem.

Co-Founder of ‘Dating App for the Right Wing’ Expects To Draw...

The Right Stuff, a new dating app aimed at political conservatives, launched on Friday, Sept. 30. Former Trump aide John McEntee and and former Trump appointee Daniel Huff co-founded the app, which is billed as “a dating app for the right wing.”

Eric Geiger: What the ‘Alarming’ State of Theology Report Means for...

Eric Geiger joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the recently released The State of Theology report, which Geiger calls “alarming.” But there is still some good news for church leaders.

Children's Ministry Leaders