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Kids’ Spiritual Gifts: Help Children Develop & Use Their God-Given Gifts

In children's ministry, never underestimate the truths kids can understand. Regarding kids’ spiritual gifts, young students can grasp several key biblical concepts.

Children’s Ministry Conferences: What’s Slated for 2022?

Along with most everything else, children’s ministry conferences were postponed, scaled back or taken virtual during the pandemic. So it’s exciting to see that several children’s ministry conferences have announced plans to resume in 2022.

The Greatest Bible Your Child Will Ever Read

The Greatest Bible a Child Will Ever Read? Every day, our child is reading either the works of the flesh or the fruit of the spirit in our daily life.

Jesus Loves Me Games: Free Printables to Download

One of the first messages children learn in Sunday school is that Jesus loves them. That's why Jesus loves me games are so important for young students.

Children’s Ministry: How to Respond to Angry People

Tough situations will arise. Follow these 10 steps and you will be a leader who knows how to respond to angry people.

ZTechnology – It’s an Addiction

As children and family ministry leaders, it's important that we provide parents with tools they can use to guide their Gen Z children in the digital world they are growing up in.

Children’s Church Object Lessons: 10 Attention-Grabbing Ideas for Kidmin

Object lessons that will have your kids talking and thinking all week.

Van Ministry: 10 Tips for Getting Your KidMin Bus Rolling

Why does your church need a bus or van ministry? This outreach program provides opportunities for unchurched children to hear and respond to the Gospel.

Prodigal Son Coloring Pages: Free Printables for Kids

When your Sunday school class, children's church or small group is learning about Jesus' parable of the prodigal son, use these free prodigal son coloring pages that kids will enjoy.

What’s Your Vision for Children’s Ministry? Learn How to Vision Cast

Vision casting is simply communicating your vision so that others make your vision their own. Here are 7 steps for successfully casting your vision in a way that others can grasp and own it.

Church Volunteer Training: 7 Keys to a Fine-Tuned System

In many cases, training and coaching is not a core strength or skill for the leader. In all cases, Sunday is always coming and the pressure of being ready for the weekend, along with everything else (meetings, events, care, etc.), pushes out time for investing in volunteers.

Explaining the Bible to a Child: 15 Helpful Tips to Use

Although young children can’t read, it's never too early to introduce the Bible. Kids learn about the Bible from you, the adult. By explaining the Bible to a child, you convey that it’s God's special book.

Bible Journaling for Kids: How to Teach This Spiritual Discipline

Bible journaling is a spiritual discipline that nurtures other spiritual disciplines, such as prayer and Bible study. Bible journaling for kids is a fun, meaningful way to help them grow closer to Jesus and establish lifelong faith habits.

20 Hilarious Quotes From Kids

I thought I'd share some funny quotes from kids to brighten your day as you catch your breath before the weekend begins. 

5 Bible Science Experiments That Teach God’s Truth

The goal of science experiments is to discover and understand scientific truth. Bible science experiments have the added benefit of helping young learners discover and understand God's truth.

Children in Church: 5 Reasons They Belong in Regular Worship

Where do you think children in church should be most of the time? I think several compelling reasons point to why kids belong in the main worship service regularly.

Children’s Ministry in a World That Promotes Two Dads

LGBTQ values are targeting children at younger and younger ages. Here's an example. A new children's show called Ridley Jones features a nonbinary dinosaur and a character with two dads.

Tired of Outrage? Let’s DO Something!

The other day I told a friend that I am tired of outrage. I’m tired of laying blame. I’m tired of dissecting and analyzing and judging and criticizing. I think we need to be more than outraged.

10 Bulletin Board Ideas for Children’s Church

In the digital age, it’s important to keep your children’s ministry website and social media pages updated. But don’t overlook the role of low-tech yet high-impact bulletin board ideas.

Bible Verse Games: 10 Fun Group Activities for Children

Bible verse games are a great way to engage young learners while helping them hide Scripture in their hearts. Enjoy trying out these fun Bible verse games with groups of children!

Youth Pastor Charged With Raping a Student Receives Probation, No Jail...

Jason Greathouse, former Alabama youth pastor who was charged with raping a 14-year old student, will serve two years of unsupervised probation and will not have to register as a sex offender. 

Brian Tome: What It Was Like to Pastor Through the ‘Worst...

“You can go through a desert," says Brian Tome, "and not lose your faith and still be used by God, even though you don't feel like you're being used by God.”

Children's Ministry Leaders