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Parent Safety Expectations—A Personal Perspective

Whether you are a small church plant or a large, established program, child safety is the key to attracting new families and giving peace-of-mind to the families you already serve. 

When Kids Ask the Tough Questions

We must be prepared to answer the tough questions that many children ask when they are looking for answers.  

Valentine’s Day Sunday School Printables: Free Christian Cards

Valentine’s Day Sunday school printables are a great way to share Jesus’ love with students. Use these free cards to remind children they are loved!

Prayers for Children’s Ministry: 31 Daily Prayers from Scripture

Prayers for children’s ministry are always vital. But at the start of a new year, you can resolve to renew praying daily for your kidmin program.

How Can We Welcome Kids to Big Church?

Many churches are returning to worship with all ages included in their church services. So they're asking how they can be intentional about welcoming children and students into "big church." Here are 10 tips to do just that.

How to Handle Siblings Who Can Never Get Along

How do you handle siblings who can never get along no matter what you try? Should this be a concern or will they grow out of it?

7 Surprises for New Children’s Ministry Leaders

As a new children's ministry leader, director or pastor, you may think you have everything under control and know what to expect. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You've got some big surprises ahead of you. Here are 7 surprises for new children's ministry leaders.

Valentine’s Day Sunday School Lesson: Material Preteens Will Love

A Valentine’s Day Sunday school lesson is a great way to help older kids learn about God’s love. Relationships are on the minds and hearts of preteens and tweens, so remind them about the most important relationship they'll ever have.

Gen Z Religion Statistics Show That Cute Lessons May Backfire

Gen Z religion statistics often make headlines these days, and rightly so. Born between 1999 and 2015, these kids often don't associate with any religious identity.

Children’s Ministry Slogans: 10 Ideas for Your Kidmin Program

Children’s ministry slogans, names, and branding ideas help set your kidmin program apart. Kid-friendly, family-friendly slogans can attract new members and nurture community among current attendees.

Decision for Christ: When Kids Profess Their Faith Early On

Making a decision for Christ or profession of faith is a special occasion. But what happens when we tell children about Jesus and then kids question their beliefs years later?

Christian Valentine’s Day Ideas: 46 Activities for Sunday School Kids

Check out these 46 Christian Valentine's Day ideas that celebrate God’s love for kids. Use these activities at church, in classrooms, or at home!

Why Games Should Be a Part of Your Teaching Strategy

Games should be a part of your children's ministry teaching strategy. Here are some compelling reasons why.

Children’s Church Guidelines: 6 Standards for Every Congregation

Children's church guidelines are crucial because of who we serve. Our churches and children's ministry programs must have the highest standards.

5 Ways To Help Parents Succeed Spiritually With Their Children

Here are five ways you can help parents succeed in their biggest responsibility: leading their children to love and serve Jesus for a lifetime.

5 Signs You Might Be an Insecure Leader

Insecurity runs through leadership in epic proportions. Here's how to know if it's affecting you.

Bible Reading Plan for Keeping Families in God’s Word

Looking for a family-friendly Bible reading plan? This one-year Scripture-reading plan offers an overview of key events and people in God’s great story.

Grow Your Children’s Ministry in the New Year With 10 Key Steps

Want to grow and strength your children's ministry in the new year? Then discover 10 important considerations that set apart kidmin programs that flourish and thrive.

Object Lesson About Sin: 6 Ideas Tailored to Children

Using an object lesson about sin is a great way to explain that concept to children. Check out these 6 kid-friendly object lessons about sin.

How To (Painlessly) Connect Generations in Church

Here are a few practices that could allow for your church to begin to connect children, youth, and the elderly (the groups that tend to be left out of communal gatherings) in meaningful ways.

Tennessee Library Director Fired for ‘Negative Pushback’ During Kirk Cameron Book...

On March 15, Hendersonville Public Library director Allan Morales was terminated due to the “unkind pushback” he demonstrated to Kirk Cameron’s children’s book reading.

Gabe Lyons: Engage Culture and Reverse Negative Cultural Stereotypes

Gabe Lyons of Q Ideas addresses questions like: What are some perceptions people have of Christians? Why is it so hard for Christians to engage culture?

Children's Ministry Leaders