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Social Media Boundaries in Marriage: 5 Ways to Protect Your Relationship

social media boundaries in marriage

Social media boundaries in marriage are a must. This applies to Christian parents, church workers, Sunday school volunteers, and more. So share this must-have information with your children’s ministry staff, leaders in your congregation, and your kidmin volunteers and parents.

We’ve all heard the stories. Sadly, many are true… A husband leaves his wife and kids because he rekindled an old fling through Facebook. Or a wife innocently responds to a message from an old boyfriend, leading to much more than she intended.

Oh, and let’s not forget the many couples who sit in restaurant together…but a million miles apart. Both set their affections on the glowing screen in front of them rather than on each other. They’re drifting far apart and don’t even know it.

It’s terribly easy for us to say we’d never allow that to happen to us. But I’m sure the people it happens to thought the same thing…prior to it happening to them.

In marriage, it’s vitally important to have social media and texting rules between spouses. Not only will that lead to a better marriage. You’ll also avoid potentially devastating dangers from Satan’s toolbox.

5 Social Media Boundaries in Marriage

I encourage you and your spouse to get on the same page about the following issues. By using social media boundaries in marriage, you take a proactive approach to safeguarding your relationship.

1. Obvious and open accounts.

If you’re on social media, there’s no room for a lack of clarity regarding your marriage. Clearly identify that you’re married and unashamed of it. Allow each other full access to passwords and all accounts. No hidden apps or accounts allowed!

Trying to hide the fact you’re married or in a serious relationship on social media should a be a huge red flag for any couple. It’s like taking off your wedding ring to give someone a false impression that you’re available.

2. No “casual” encounters with previous or new opposite-sex relationships. 

Protecting your marriage deserves top priority. That requires clear boundaries. Former VP Mike Pence came under fire for a marital rule he follows. He won’t eat alone with any woman other than his wife. That’s not absurd, as some would have us believe. It’s a wise practice for any married person who chooses to draw lines of protection in their marriage.

One look at another person can turn into two and inadvertently snowball. So can an “innocent” run-in with an old fling via social media. It’s happened to many good people, so don’t think you’re above becoming a statistic.

Which is worse: potentially hurting the feelings of someone who’s not even in your life anymore? Or potentially opening a door that could cause untold devastation to your most important relationship? Don’t be afraid to draw a line with social media boundaries in marriage. Then stick to them!

3. Avoid confrontation or conflict via text.

Texting is the king of miscommunication. Thankfully, emojis now help a little bit with that. But they certainly don’t solve this massive problem. If you have to fight, do it in person. If you need to share your feelings, do it in a way that feelings can be seen, verbally expressed, and fully understood. Agree not to fight or argue via text.