TheyBy: The Gender Blur Accelerates

TheyBy the Gender Blue Accelerates

The gender blur continues to accelerate. The latest attempt to blur the line between male and female is a new buzzword among Millennial parents.

What does TheyBy mean?

The term is called “TheyBy” and refers to a baby born and raised free of the “constraints of gender designation.”

Parents who adopt this child-rearing strategy keep the baby’s anatomy a secret and refer to the child only by plural pronouns. Their goal is to create a childhood free of gender restricted dress, act, play, etc.

Companies are also jumping on the “blur the genders bandwagon” by creating gender neutral clothes, toys and products. Some examples are Banana Republic that has introduced a line of gender-less baby clothes. And then there is Target, that has removed gender-based signage and references from its toy aisles.

As our culture continues to slide away from God’s plan for humanity, we are doing children a great disservice. Many children will grow up confused about what shouldn’t be confusing, if our society just used common sense. The effects of this influence is already being seen in the lives of middle-schoolers and high-schoolers who are identifying as non-binary—meaning neither male or female. Or in kids who jump back and forth between the two. One day they dress as a boy and asked to be called “him” and then a few days later showing up dressed as a girl, demanding to be called “her.”

As the drivers of this agenda continue to impose gender blurring upon society, parents who believe “God created them male and female” must be prepared to teach their children the truth and equip them to think with a Christian world view in the midst of the insanity they are facing.

Those who are championing the “TheyBy” mindset may say that the traditional labeling of male and female is Old Testament law and doesn’t apply to today. But a closer look into God’s Word reveals that in the New Testament, Jesus always referred to male and female in terms of gender. He made a clear distinction between the two. He also made it clear that marriage is between a man and woman.

Will hearing “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” in the hospital birthing room become a thing of the past? God forbid. More than ever, we need men and women who raise their sons and daughters to reflect God’s masterful design for the sexes. God’s design is the best design and His way of life is the best way of life. When we deviate from His plan, the results are only negative.

Call me old school, but I believe boys should be boys and girls should be girls. They should be called that. Raised like that. And be taught to act like that.

The differences between the two genders are what make both so special and equal in their uniqueness.

TheyBy? I don’t think so. Let’s stick with “boy” and “girl” for the sake of the next generation’s well being.

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