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10 Bulletin Board Ideas for Children’s Church

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In this digital age, it’s important to keep your children’s ministry website and social media pages updated. But don’t overlook the role of low-tech yet high-impact bulletin board ideas. Kidmin hallways, Sunday school classrooms, and children’s church areas can use bulletin boards to share schedules, news updates, photos, and the good news of Scripture.

Bulletin board ideas range from Bible studies and themes to seasonal and holiday displays. For fall and back to school, a bulletin board can welcome new children and families, provide directions and classroom assignments, showcase teacher and volunteer photos, and even feature pockets filled with forms and handouts. As winter approaches, bulletin boards can keep people updated about Christmas rehearsals, family-focused activities, and donation and service opportunities.

During spring, use bulletin board ideas to chart attendance, memory-verse progress, fundraising goals, and more. Be sure to publicize Promotion Sunday too, congratulating children for moving up to a new class — or to the next age-based ministry within your congregation, such as preteens or youth. Summer bulletin board ideas include VBS, camps and daycare programs, and updates about the children’s church schedule.

Craft stores and the internet are filled with supplies that make it a snap to bring unique bulletin board ideas to life. If you’re short on time, ask a creative parent or youth volunteer to contribute their ideas and know-how.

To jumpstart your brainstorming, we’ve gathered some innovative bulletin board ideas for children’s ministry. Try them out to capture the attention of everyone who walks through your church or its children’s church space!

10 Awesome Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Children of God

At the start of a new Sunday school year, welcome kids with this brightly colored photo display. “I Am a Child of God” appears across a rainbow, with room underneath for children’s photos and first names.

bulletin board ideas

2. Sing It Out!

Publicize children’s choir, worship, concerts and programs with this music-themed bulletin board idea based on Colossians 3:16.

bulletin board ideas

3. All Aboard for Bible Fun

This railroad-themed bulletin board based on Proverbs 3:4 reminds young learners to “Stay on the Right Track.” It’s sure to be a big hit with toddlers and preschoolers.

4. Spread the Love

Ideal for Valentine’s Day, this cute “God’s Conversation Hearts” format shares short but sweet messages about God’s abundant love for his children.

5. Breaking News

You’ll be sure to draw eyes to this “Extra!”-special Easter-themed bulletin board. It features a newspaper background plus headlines and Bible verses about Jesus’ resurrection.

6. Rooted in Christ

Celebrate your church family’s “Roots” with this attention-grabbing tree-mendous bulletin board. Each root leads to a Bible verse about important aspects of the Christian life.

7. Journey With Paul

Older students learning about Paul’s missionary journeys will get a kick out of this Dr. Seuss-inspired “Oh, the places he’ll go!” display.

8. Falling for Jesus

This leaf-themed bulletin board, “We ‘Fall-ow’ Jesus,” is perfect for autumn. Kids can cut out a leaf shape, write their name on it, and attach it to the board.

9. Gifts Galore

Fill a bulletin board with gift shapes that contain children’s notes of thanks to God. Another option: Have children each write or draw a gift or talent God has given them.

10. Let It Snow!

Warm up the winter with this Frozen-inspired display, which proclaims, “Jesus is worth melting for!” Older kids can cut out snowflakes to complete the bulletin board.

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What bulletin board ideas and suggestions can you share with your fellow kidmin colleagues? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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