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Sunday School Teacher Duties: Be In-the-Know for Success

Hooray! You’re going to teach Sunday school! What an exciting job! I know that’s a lot of exclamation marks, but I do love Sunday school. Children make lifetime memories in these classes. As Christians, we often develop our knowledge of God during Sunday school. But now you’re probably asking: What exactly are my Sunday school teacher duties?

If you’re new to teaching Sunday school, you may feel overwhelmed or unsure of yourself. That’s perfectly normal. We’ve all experienced nervous butterflies.

So what are your expected Sunday school teacher duties? To be honest, the answers depend on your church’s kidmin program. For the best answers, talk to someone who’s in charge or experienced. In the meantime, I’m happy to share what I know.

Sunday School Teacher Duties: Your Top 3 Responsibilities

1. Study, Study, Study: Know the Bible

Study to show thyself approved. Kids will question everything! And if you don’t study, they’ll ask questions about things you aren’t prepared for. Carefully review the Sunday school lesson and supporting materials before class. Read, pray, and make notes. Prayer and study are crucial.

2. Prepare: Know the Lesson Plan

Don’t wait until the day before Sunday school to study the lesson. Flying by the seat of your pants isn’t a recommended practice. Dig deep into the week’s lesson. You never know what great things you’ll uncover to share with your class.

Also remember to provide supporting crafts. Reinforcing a lesson this way keeps little hands busy. Prepare craft supplies ahead of time so kids will have exactly what they need for a take-home item. It can be as simple as a bookmark or even a puppet. Test Sunday school crafts and Bible games beforehand, because it’s easy to forget items unless you’ve tried it yourself.

3. Support Your Church’s Sunday School Program

Continuity also is among your Sunday school teacher duties. Tie lessons to the larger program, also known as a scope and sequence. Don’t go rogue! It’s probably fine to step away from the program once in a while. But don’t make that a common occurrence. Make it easier for parents by teaching different grade levels or different classrooms the same thing.

Everyone learns differently, that’s true. And you may not be super excited about teaching Jonah again, but remember: You’re part of a team. Sunday school teacher duties include representing the children’s ministry program with excellence. That means teaching the agreed-upon lessons and activities.

Feel free to have fun with classroom decorations, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Children will love your creativity, and parents will be grateful for your hard work.

As you learn and master your Sunday school teacher duties, always remember: You can do it! And even if you don’t hear “thank you” every week, you’re making an eternal difference in young lives.

This article originally appeared here. It was written by Mimi Patrick from Ministry-To-Children.