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Jesus Calms the Storm Lesson: Teach Kids That God Takes Care of Us

3. Oil and Water

In this activity, the kids will be mixing materials to create a harmless chemical reaction. This activity can be messy, so be prepared with towels. Set out the supplies you prepared before class.

Have kids form groups of four. In each group, assign two children to be in charge of materials. They’ll be responsible for getting the materials. The other two kids will be in charge of cleanup. They’ll make sure all items are put away after the experiment.

Say: Let’s try this experiment to see what happens when we let Jesus take care of our fears. Let’s pretend that the clear cup represents you. The white powder represents the things that scare us. The oil in the other cup represents Jesus.

One person in your group will sprinkle the white powder into the large cup. While you watch what happens, think about how you feel when you’re scared. Then have another person in the group pour in the oil. Watch what happens and think about Jesus. Ready? Go ahead.

Have kids try the experiment. After everyone has experienced the fizz of the baking soda and vinegar and the calming effect of the oil, invite volunteers to share their reactions.

Debriefing Questions


Why do you think people get scared?

  • Is it wrong to be scared? Why or why not? 
  • How was this science experiment like the way Jesus calms our fears? 
  • What happens when we let Jesus deal with our fears? 
  • Why do you think Jesus doesn’t want us to be afraid? 

Say: Jesus loves us more than we can imagine. He wants us to feel safe and secure. Jesus calms our fears because of his love. Whenever we’re afraid, we can ask Jesus to be with us, to comfort us, and to calm us. Jesus will be with us just as he was with the disciples when they were scared.

4. Pop Goes the Fear

Be careful when doing this activity with young children. Keep them away from the straight pins and balloon pieces for safety. To avoid choking hazards, be sure to pick up pieces of any broken balloons promptly. Balloons may contain latex.

Bring out the balloons and the cardboard with pins you prepared before the session.

Say: We’ve seen from the things Jesus said and did for his disciples when he calmed the storm that he desires to protect us from fearful situations. What fears do you have? If you would like to share a fear, I’ll write it on one of the balloons.

Use the felt marker to write on balloons several things kids say they’re afraid of. Then set the balloons aside. When each balloon has been labeled, show children the piece of cardboard with the straight pins. Set the cardboard on the table so the pins stick up.

Say: Think of these pins as being like Jesus. Our fears are written on the balloons. Let’s see what happens when the fears get close to Jesus.

Drop one of the balloons onto the pins so the balloon pops.

Say: Jesus has the power to destroy our fears just as a pin can destroy an inflated balloon. As each balloon pops, let’s praise God for destroying our fears with his Word.

One by one, drop the balloons onto the pins. As each balloon pops, lead children in thanking God for his power and love.