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Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem: A Free Bible Lesson for Kids

Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem

In this creative Christmas lesson, Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem, children learn about the important journey that occurred before Jesus was born. Children will discover that God had important plans for Jesus’ earthly parents. And he has important plans for each of us, too!

Use the Bible study below in Sunday school classes or children’s church as Christmas draws near. It works especially well with preschoolers and lower-elementary students.

Christmas Lesson for Kids: Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem

Scripture: Luke 2:1-5

You’ll need:

  • copies of the activity page (1 per child)
  • sandpaper
  • sugar cubes (1 per child)
  • glue
  • crayons

Write children’s names on their pages. Set out the sugar cubes, glue, and crayons. Cut the sandpaper into strips that will fit on the illustration of the road.

Instruct children to color Mary, Joseph, and the donkey as you talk. Tell the story of how Mary and Joseph had to travel to Jerusalem (found in Luke 2). Explain that God had a special plan for Jesus, Mary’s baby. God had a plan for Jesus to be born in Bethlehem. The only problem was that Jesus’ family lived very far away from Bethlehem!

Show children the donkey in the picture. Describe how God used the donkey to help Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem. The donkey helped carry Jesus’ family from their hometown to Bethlehem. Encourage children to glue a sugar cube in Joseph’s hand near the donkey’s mouth to thank the donkey for being part of God’s special plan.

Have children glue the sandpaper on the road. It’s a reminder that God planned a path for Mary, Joseph, and the donkey to take. Remind kids they can know that God has a special plan for each of them. Encourage kids to show the “Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem” activity page to their families as a reminder that God has special plans for everyone.

God’s Plan for You


  • What special plans did God have for Jesus?
  • How did the donkey help make those plans happen?
  • What kinds of plans do you think God has for you?

Say: God had big plans for Jesus. He has plans for each and every one of you, too.

Pray: God, we thank you for having an important plan for every one of us. Help us obey you and your plans. In Jesus’ name, amen.

This Bible lesson is from Coloring Creations: 52 Creative Bible Lessons. Looking for more Bible lessons? Check out these ideas!

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