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Thank You Gift for Volunteer: Handmade Presents to Show Appreciation

thank you gift for volunteer

Are you looking for a great way to tell volunteers just how much you appreciate them? Have you run out of ideas for a thank you gift for volunteer?

Maybe you dream of giving your ministry assistants something different and more personal. But the budget is drained and you’re strapped for funds. Or, as usual, time is tight.

We’re here to help! Add a personal touch to volunteer thank you gifts with these four heartfelt, handmade ideas. Anyone can make them—and have fun while doing so!

Pro Tip: Don’t wait for a holiday or end-of-year celebration to express gratitude for children’s ministry volunteers. Use these creative ideas to make a thank you gift for volunteer to cherish any time of year.

Thank You Gift for Volunteer: 4 Ideas They’ll Love

1. Class Collage

This heart-melting craft is easy to assemble—and kids love to help.

Time and Budget: Low impact


  • copies of a variety of photos from different children’s ministry events
  • 5×7 picture frames (1 per volunteer)
  • 5×7 pieces of card stock (1 per volunteer)
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • preprinted Bible verse trimmed small enough to fit within each frame

Choose the photos you’ll arrange in the collage. (For teachers, you may want to use images of the kids they teach.) Trim the photos, and glue them to card stock. Then glue the Bible verse across the bottom of the card stock. Leave space for the margins, which the frame will cover. Allow the glue to dry. Then place the collage into the frame.

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