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Resurrection Scavenger Hunt: Embark on a Fun Easter Event

Resurrection scavenger hunt

Try this unique, meaningful Resurrection scavenger hunt with families. They’ll have a blast while learning the true point of Easter.

Easter is the perfect time to celebrate Jesus’ love with families in your church and community. Thanks to Jesus our Savior, we have so much to celebrate and be joyful for! This holy season is also a wonderful opportunity to maximize families’ understanding of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

A Resurrection scavenger hunt with a purpose is a perfect source of fun and adventure. Plus, it helps guide families into discovering more about Jesus’ life-changing actions and love.

Plan the Resurrection Scavenger Hunt

Long before your scavenger hunters arrive, begin with the following steps:

1. Pray about the event.

Ask God to bring families to your hunt, even those who might not attend your church. Also ask God to prepare your community’s heart to welcome the friendly strangers who end up on their doorstep. Pray for families to have fun, enjoy their time together, and truly learn more about Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection.

2. Plan it.

Determine what supplies you’ll need to make the hunt successful. Then set your search location, and decide whether you’ll need additional volunteers to travel along with families.

3. Get the word out.

Invite families to the Resurrection scavenger hunt over several weeks’ time. Be sure to cover these bases:

  • Make an announcement during worship and place one in the church bulletin.
  • Create fliers to distribute.
  • Encourage families to invite a neighbor or friend.

The Resurrection Scavenger Hunt Begins

In this one- to two-hour Resurrection scavenger hunt, you’ll send families or teams hunting together in your neighborhood or other location. They’ll be seeking out clues to the truth about Easter. The goal is for teams to have tons of fun—while learning about and discussing the amazing truth of Jesus’ deep, abiding love for us.

Start by clearly defining the hunt area beforehand for families. You might consider including a map of the neighborhood if you plan to have people search your surrounding area. Have families or teams stay together for safety. Distribute a scavenger hunt list, a Bible, and about 20 “Thanks for Playing” cards to each team.

To play, teams must bring back each item listed or a photo of the entire team posing with the item to prove they found it. Teams have to find each item by going door-to-door and asking. The item can’t already be in your team’s possession (such as a team member’s cellphone clock for the watch or clock item). Whenever a team leaves a location after asking for an item, have them leave a “Thanks for Playing” card in appreciation. Ensure at least one adult is with each team at all times.

Let’s Play!

Distribute the Resurrection scavenger hunt list to each team. Remind them to read the rules before starting. Each time teams locate an item, they must read the Scripture and talk through the discussion question together before moving on.

Remind everyone where your finish point will be and at what time the search is over. If teams finish early, they can go to the finish point early.

Treasures Found

Once teams gather at the finish point location, invite them to show off their findings and recap how each item ties into different Easter events. Congratulate everyone on a search well done.

Provide refreshments, and encourage families to discuss the following as they eat:

  • What’s one thing new you learned about Easter during this experience?
  • If you could tell a friend just one thing about Easter, what would you say?
  • What was your favorite part of our Resurrection scavenger hunt, and why?

Close in a team prayer, thanking God for his amazing grace.

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