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Father’s Day Ideas: 12 Can’t-Miss Activities for Children’s Ministry

Father's Day ideas

Need some great Father’s Day ideas for kids at your church or children’s ministry? Then take a look at the 12 suggestions we’ve collected below. All these messages, lessons, crafts, and gifts will help you celebrate amazing dads and men. Kids love to celebrate special people in their lives, and special people love to feel appreciated!

So plan now to make the day special with these meaningful Father’s Day ideas:

Father’s Day Ideas: Children’s Messages & Lessons

1. My Father, the Encourager 

Use this children’s message to focus on fathers and other men who encourage kids.

2. Preschool Sunday School Lesson 

Use this great Preschool Sunday School lesson with little learners.

3. Elementary Sunday School Lesson

Use this lesson in elementary classes to help kids appreciate and honor their fathers.

4. Preteen Sunday School Lesson

Use this free Sunday school lesson with preteens to help them honor their fathers. This lesson is based on 2 Timothy 1:1-7.

Father’s Day Celebrations

5. 3 Great Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Help the boys in your ministry cultivate positive relationships with their fathers or special men in their lives.

6. Father’s Day Picnic

Invite all families (even those without fathers) to a special picnic on your church lawn or at a nearby park.

7. Father’s Day Tribute

Father’s Day provides a great way to celebrate both our heavenly and earthly fathers. Try this tribute to make the day memorable!

8. Father’s Day Fun

These four fun ideas are sure to make dads in your church feel special.

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