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Ideas for Church Family Events: 5 Volunteer-Free Summer Ideas

ideas for church family events

To help you plan ideas for church family events, we’ve assembled five below. Hosting family events at your church is a blast! But let’s face it: They’re also a lot of work. It’s not so easy to recruit children’s ministry volunteers to lead family fun at your church.

But don’t let fewer volunteers force you to plan fewer family events this summer. You can still bring families together for fellowship and reach out to your community. It’s simple!

Here’s the catch: Instead of bringing families in to your church building, try taking families out for fun in the community! Consider if one (or more) of the easy ideas below will work for you!

But first! Consider these registration tips for all family events:

Communication is key! No matter what you’re planning, clearly communicate dates, times, costs, and meeting locations.

  • Set up online registration through your church’s online database. Or use a free program like VBS Pro (it’s not just for VBS!).
  • Have families RSVP by email to let you know they’re coming.
  • Or provide a sign-up sheet for several weeks at your church building.

Be sure to communicate that these events aren’t just for kids. Clearly set the expectation that parents/guardians attend these family events with their children.

Perhaps you’ll float the bill with your family event budget. Or maybe it’s more feasible to ask families to chip in. Whatever you decide, communicate costs and make it as easy as possible for families to participate.

5 Summer Ideas for Church Family Events

1. Picnic in the Park

It’s simple! Enjoy the great outdoors with families at a local park. At this event, have families pack a picnic lunch and gather with other families for a play date!

Planning tips:

  • Some parks allow you to rent a pavilion or picnic area.
  • Clearly communicate where to meet. (The closer to the playground, the better!)
  • Provide water or juice.
  • Pack extra sandwiches and snacks just in case some families miss the memo to bring lunch.
  • Bring tablecloths and trash bags for easy prep and cleanup.

2. Church-Wide Pool Party

Make a splash with a family outing at your community swimming pool. You could just invite families with kids. But it may be even more fun to invite the whole church family! Kids will love seeing Sunday school teachers, teen helpers, and even pastors have fun in the sun.

Planning tips:

  • Call the pool office to find out how much it costs to rent the facility for an afternoon or evening.
  • Determine the best date, time, and any costs you’ll ask attendees to contribute.
  • Consider offering pizza, drinks…and sunscreen!
  • Share a fun worship song with families as you advertise your event!