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Bible Characters and Stories for Kids: 22 Easy Ways to Teach God’s Word

Bible characters

Bible characters and heroes fill the pages of Scripture. The people featured in the Old and New Testaments all have important lessons to teach us today. Some of the first ways we instruct children in God’s Word is by reading stories featuring well-loved Bible characters.

Begin with an age-appropriate children’s Bible or Bible storybook. Look for easy-to-understand text and attention-grabbing images. Read aloud with excitement, pointing out pictures and answering questions along the way.

Search online for a list of Bible names, from Genesis to Revelation. Remember to include people from a variety of nations and backgrounds, Black characters, female Bible characters, people from parables, miracles, and more.

Note: Some theologians and teachers avoid the term “Bible characters” and “Bible stories.” Their thinking is that those may imply that Scripture is fictional. But referring to “Bible accounts” and “Bible people” may become awkward. So use the wording that works best for you. Just emphasize to kids that everything in the Bible is from God and true.

For a glimpse of free Bible resources available online, we’ve collected a bunch below. Use or adapt them for your Sunday school program, children’s church messages, or family devotions.

22 Bible Characters Children Should Know

First, here are some general materials about key people in the Bible.

1. Overview

Sermons4Kids has a list of many Bible characters. Simply click on each name for loads of free teaching and enrichment resources.

2. Bible People Printables

Make Scripture come to life with these figures you can print and cut out.

3. List of Bible Characters

This site offers helpful summaries about important people in Scripture.

4. Male Bible Characters

Boys may be drawn toward these Bible stories, which feature boys and men in the Bible.

5. Female Bible Characters

Girls may be drawn toward these Bible stories, which feature girls and women in the Bible.