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Quick Games to Play in Sunday School and Children’s Ministry

quick games to play

Need a whole bevy of fun, quick games to play at a moment’s notice? Then try these 13 games in your children’s ministry programs. They’re reminiscent of the popular game show Minute to Win It.

On the TV show, single players tackle a simple-but silly-challenge in one minute. We’ve transformed the following quick games so all kids can participate at once. Play for a minute or for whatever time frame fits your schedule best.

Ready? Set? Go! Enjoy these fun, quick games to play with kids!

13 Quick Games to Play for Instant Fun

1. Balloon Blaster!

You’ll need:

  • masking tape
  • large rubber bands
  • balloons

Tape a large circle on the floor. Inflate and tie off 12 balloons. Place the balloons in the circle, and have kids stand in a row behind them. Give kids each a rubber band, and have them try to shoot the balloons to move them out of the circle.

WARNING! To avoid choking hazards, promptly pick up any pieces of broken balloons. Balloons may contain latex, so check with parents about allergies.

2. Pass the Paper

You’ll need:

  • rolls of toilet paper

Form two or more teams. Have each team stand in a line with one roll of toilet paper. The first person in line holds onto the end of the tissue and passes the roll. The goal is for the entire team to pass the toilet paper down the line-without breaking the tissue. Players continue to pass the roll up and down their line until the roll runs out. (To conserve the rolls when done, roll the toilet paper and keep it on hand for small spills.)

3. Blow Your Nose

You’ll need:

  • coffee stirrers
  • tissues
  • tables

Give each child a coffee stirrer and a tissue. Have kids crumple up their tissues and lay them at one end of a table. The object of the game is for kids to blow through their coffee stirrers to get their tissues all the way across a table. Set a time limit, or let kids go until everyone finishes.

4. Food Processor

You’ll need:

  • drinking straws
  • small snack items
  • cups

Give each player an empty cup, a drinking straw, and a cup with a few snack items in it, such as M&M’s candies or Goldfish crackers. Kids pick up each snack item using only the straw to create suction and then transfer it to the other cup-no hands allowed. After kids finish, let them eat their hard-earned snack.

5. Tiny Towers

You’ll need:

  • Cheerios cereal

Form pairs for this quick game. Have one partner in each pair lie flat on the floor, facing up. Give each standing partner some Cheerios. The object is for kids to build the tallest tall tower of Cheerios on their partner’s nose-without it falling over. After the race, let kids eat their Cheerios.

6. Shooting Star

You’ll need:

  • plastic spoons
  • cotton balls
  • and bowls or cups

Give each child a bowl or cup, a cotton ball, and a plastic spoon. Have kids place their bowls or cups on the floor and stand about a foot away. Challenge each child to place a cotton ball on the spoon, aim at the bowl, and try to flip the cotton ball into the bowl. If the cotton ball lands on the floor, the player picks it up and tries again. If the player makes the shot, the player gets the cotton ball, steps back about a foot, and tries again. Encourage kids to successfully flip the cotton balls into the bowls from as far away as possible.