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Devotion for Christmas: Help Volunteers Celebrate Children’s Gifts

devotion for Christmas

Looking for a devotion for Christmas to use with your children’s ministry volunteers? Then check out this resource! It will provide a meaningful, lighthearted moment of joy and discovery.

This devotion for Christmas will work great for a holiday party. Use it to celebrate and honor kidmin helpers and to express your appreciation for their service. Pro Tip: Make the occasion even more special by distributing handmade Christmas cards from Sunday school students!

You’ll need:

  • a small matchbox stuffed completely with tiny items (examples include a staple, paper clip, stamp, dental floss, dime, pin, safety pin, button, string, ribbon, bead, nail, toothpick, pebble, seed)

Before leading the devotion, gift wrap the filled box. Add a fancy bow.

Volunteer Devotion for Christmas: Big Presents, Little Package

Place the tiny gift where all can see it. Ask your volunteers to guess what tiny gift might be inside the box. Give them one minute to write their guess. Then ask one volunteer to unwrap the gift and display what’s inside.


  • Were you surprised by how much was inside such a tiny box? Why or why not?
  • How is this gift like or unlike the children in our ministry?

Say: The children we minister to are a lot like this box. They’re small on the outside, but they’re filled with great treasures.