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Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lesson: Teaching Kids About God’s Love

fruit of the Spirit Bible lesson

A Fruit of the Spirit Bible lesson will be a hit with Sunday school kids. You can also adapt it for children’s church or for a Valentine’s Day event. Check out all these great ideas!

This free Fruit of the Spirit Bible lesson about love is from Digging Into Epic Teachings of the Bible. It’s one of five year-long programs from Dig In Sunday School Curriculum.

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lesson for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What better time for children to learn about love—a fruit of the Spirit?

In this free Fruit of the Spirit Bible lesson, elementary kids will dig deeper into understanding God’s love. Plus, they’ll learn how they can pass it on to others. Children also will enjoy a science experiment that helps them discover how big and unchanging God’s love is.

Love Is a Fruit of the Spirit


  • Bibles
  • dominoes (at least 34)

Set It Up

Say: Love is a fruit of the Spirit. You probably have a general idea of what love is. But how can we really love like God? Let’s dig in to that. First, let’s play a game.

Join kids in standing in a circle.

Say: In this game, we’ll pass around a high-five. When you get one, turn to the next person and pass it on. Begin the game by high-fiving the child next to you.

When the high-five gets back to you, change it to a fist bump and pass that around. For a third round, pass around a cool handshake, such as one where you slap the backs of each other’s hands, bump your fists on top of each other’s, double high-five, and then shake hands.


  • How did you know what to pass on to someone else in this game?

Say: This experience reminds me of something in the Bible.

Read 1 John 4:19.

Say: Love is a fruit of the Spirit. You know what’s cool about fruit? An apple tree doesn’t have to try really hard to grow apples. The apples just grow! The point of this lesson is not to “try harder to be more loving.” The point is that as we grow in our friendship with God, love grows in our lives. And it happens because we get to know God’s love for us! Let’s see what else we can learn from God’s love.

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Lesson: Explore God’s Love

Set out the dominoes.

Say: I’m going to read some verses. Every time I read the word love, someone will set up a domino, adding to a line. Be listening and paying attention for what these verses say love means and what it looks like.

Read 1 John 4:7-12, 16-21. (In the NLT, these verses use the word love 28 times!)


  • What did you learn about what love means or looks like?

Say: Some other Bible verses teach us what it means when we pass on God’s love. Let’s find out what those verses say.