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Easter Crafts Proclaim the Good News that Jesus Is Risen


Need creative Easter crafts for your Sunday school classes? These keepsake rocks remind kids about the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning.

Children’s Ministry Easter Crafts

Scripture: Luke 19:39-40Luke 22:39-41Matthew 27:50-51Luke 23:53Luke 24:2-3

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • small rocks of various shapes (5 per child)
  • fine-tipped permanent markers
  • paper lunch bags
  • stickers

Easter Crafts: Stones Cry Out for Jesus

Ask kids to tell about interesting rocks or rock formations they’ve seen.

Say: The Bible mentions stones and rocks more than 400 times. People used them to build altars to remember what God has done. Jesus spoke about stones. Stones were part of the landscape at the end of his life, too. Today we’ll make a rock collection to help us remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Give each child five rocks and a permanent marker.

Learn and Draw

Say: On the Sunday before he died, Jesus rode into Jerusalem. The people waved palm branches and praised him. And Jesus said something about rocks. Let’s see what he said. Read Luke 19:39-40. Have kids draw a palm branch on a rock to represent the crowd’s praise.


  • What are some ways you praise God?

Say: On the night before he died, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Bible uses a rock as a measurement of where he went to pray. Read Luke 22:39-41. Invite kids to draw a flower to represent the garden on one of the rocks.


  • What do you need to pray about? (Let kids answer silently or to the group.)

Say: When Jesus was on the cross, something happened to the rocks nearby. Read Matthew 27:50-51. Have kids draw a lightning bolt on one rock to represent the stones splitting.