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Object Lesson on the Resurrection: 7 Ways to Teach Kids About Easter

4. Resurrection Object Lesson: Lifted by Jesus

Give kids some time to reflect on what Jesus did for them personally.

You’ll need:

  • yarn
  • small stones or pebbles
  • 1 plastic coat hanger per child
  • 2 paper cups per child

Show kids how to poke three evenly spaced holes through the tops of their cups and use the yarn to hang one cup from each side of their hangers. Give each child a handful of small stones or pebbles.

Read aloud Hebrews 12:1. Say: Let’s see how Jesus lifts us up. We’ll pretend these stones represent sins that weigh us down: telling a lie, for example. Add a stone to one cup on your hanger. Have kids each add a stone to a cup on their own hangers. Lead children through a few other examples of sinful things kids might do, each time having kids add stones to the same cup they started with.

Say: Take time now to talk to Jesus about some things you know you’ve done wrong. Allow time.

After kids’ hangers are weighed down on the side with all the stones, say: When Jesus died on the cross, he took on all of our sin. He took the weight of any lies we’ve told. Lead kids to each take a stone and transfer it to the other cup on their hangersTake some time now to transfer each of your stones to the other cup, thanking Jesus for taking on each sin when he died on the cross. Allow time.

Say: Notice the weight shifted. All the weight is now in the Jesus cup, and your cup lifts up. When you believe in Jesus, your balance will always look like this. Jesus’ death and resurrection lifts you forever! Allow time for kids to silently pray and reflect on what Jesus did for them.

5. Resurrection Object Lesson: Fizzy Snack

Demonstrate how Jesus brings us life and excitement through his resurrection.

You’ll need:

  • water
  • 1 paper bowl
  • 1 plastic spoon
  • six 3-ounce cups
  • 1 teaspoon citric acid for baking for every 6 kids
  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar for every 6 kids
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda for every 6 kids
  • 1 tablespoon presweetened drink mix powder or flavored gelatin powder for every 6 kids

In groups of six, have kids mix together the dry ingredients. After they’re thoroughly combined, let every child take one teaspoon of the mixture and put it in his or her own cup.

Say: Without Jesus, our lives can be kind of dry like this powder. But Jesus called himself the living water. Read aloud John 4:7-14.

Say: Let’s pretend this water represents Jesus, the living water. Let’s see what happens when we add it to the powder, which will represent us. Pour water to fill each child’s cup halfway. Allow time for kids to observe how the water rises and fizzes.

Say: When we add Jesus to our lives, he can lift us up and bring us life. Let kids try their fizzy snack. Have kids describe what they’re thinking and feeling as they try it. It will fizzle and pop in their mouths.

Say: It’s surprising and exciting to eat this snack. In the same way, Jesus did something incredible when he came back to life. He conquered death. No one else can do that. That’s why Jesus is the living water, because he made it so we can live forever with him in heaven. And we can be sure that when we believe in Jesus, he’ll often surprise us and excite us as he does amazing things in our lives.

Want a Healthier Snack?

Have kids drop unpeeled oranges in containers of water and watch as they float to the top every time. Discuss how Jesus’ love and forgiveness can always lift us up. Read aloud John 3:14-21. Have kids remove the orange peels and test again, only to find that the oranges don’t float. Discuss how we can’t be lifted without Jesus.

6. Resurrection Object Lesson: Rise Above Pictures

Encourage kids to have hope in tough circumstances.

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • watercolors
  • liquid white glue
  • card stock
  • table salt
  • 1 paintbrush per child

Have kids each draw a man shape on the card stock using the white glue. Say: Jesus is a good example for us when we’re going through hard times. Think about what Jesus went through. The Bible tells us in Luke 23 that soldiers beat him. Have kids use glue to draw some marks on the man shape. Then they put a crown of thorns on his head. Have kids add a crown of thorns. Soldiers nailed Jesus to a cross. Next, have kids add a cross around the man shape. Jesus went through the darkest of times. He carried the weight of all the sin in the world when he died.

Say: After he died, Jesus’ friends wrapped his body in white cloth and put him in a tomb. Have kids pour table salt over the glue.

Say: But death couldn’t keep Jesus down. He came back to life! Have kids use black paint to color the cross and crown of thorns, but let them paint the rest of Jesus’ picture with any other colors they choose. Encourage them to make Jesus look bright.

Say: Jesus rose above the darkness. And he can help us when we’re going through a hard time, too. Invite kids to share about hard times they’ve been going through.

Read aloud Hebrews 2:18. Say: Jesus might not take away the difficult times, but he’ll help you through them. Point out how the paintings they made still include Jesus’ death but that he wouldn’t have come back to life if he’d never died.