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Object Lesson on the Resurrection: 7 Ways to Teach Kids About Easter

7. Resurrection Object Lesson: Hovercraft Object Lesson

Show kids how Jesus can do impossible things in our lives.

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • old CDs
  • hot glue
  • uninflated balloons
  • water bottle lids with pop-up caps

Ahead of time, glue a pop-up cap over the hole in a CD with the part that would connect with a bottle glued to the surface of the CD, creating a valve. Make several.

Read aloud Luke 24:1-5. Say: The women thought someone had stolen Jesus’ body. They didn’t think he might be alive until the angel told them he was. That’s because Jesus did something incredible, something no one could imagine. He came back from the dead and left before the women arrived on Sunday morning. He did the impossible!

Say: Let’s make something to help us think about that. What would you say if I told you we could make our own hovercrafts? It seems impossible, but we can do it. 

Demonstrate how to make the hovercraft work: Make sure the pop-up cap is closed. Inflate a balloon and slide it over the pop-up cap, making sure it’s secure. Set the whole thing on a solid surface, and then without removing the balloon from the pop-up cap, hold down the CD while opening the pop-up cap. The air will push through the opening. Allow for kids to play with the hovercrafts.

Debriefing the Experiment


  • What did you like about this experiment? 
  • Explain whether you thought it would be impossible before we did it.

Say: Before the women knew Jesus, they thought it was impossible to come back to life, but Jesus did it. He even made some other people come back to life, too. Jesus can do the impossible!


What are some impossible things you need Jesus’ help with?

How can Jesus’ resurrection help you trust Jesus to help you?

This article about resurrection object lessons for Sunday school originally appeared here.