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Story of Creation for Kids: A Message for All God’s Children

story of Creation for kids
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The story of Creation for kids reminds listeners that God made them in his image. Through this children’s message, kids explore the significance of names. Most importantly, they discover that they are children of God.

Children’s Message: The Story of Creation for Kids

Scripture: Genesis 1:26-312:4-25

You’ll need:

  • Bible
  • marker
  • name tags (2 per child)

Easy prep:

Beforehand, write “Child of God” on each name tag.

Teacher tip:

If you have a book of names and their meanings, bring it to the message time. Look up the meanings of several children’s names.

Understanding the Meanings of Names

First, say: I was walking into the blossom today. Then I saw the marshmallow talking to one of the golf shoes. The marshmallow wanted a scoreboard for the hand cream so they could learn about the chicken hawks. Anyway, after I saw them I walked in here to the snorkel. When I saw all you bluebottles sitting here, I thought I’d deliver a bluebottle cranberry. And that’s why I’m here.

Look at the children’s confused expressions. Then ask:

  • What’s wrong? Didn’t you understand me? Why not?

Next, say: Things we talk about all have names, don’t they? We know what things are called, and it helps us talk to each other about the world around us. Open your Bible to Genesis 2Did you ever wonder how things got their names? We know how all the animals got their names.

The Bible tells us that God brought the animals to Adam to see what he would name them. Adam got to give a name to every living creature!

All of you have names, as well. Your parents gave you your names. Sometimes parents name their children after other people in the family, after songs, after people in movies, or because they want a name that means something very special.

One family had six kids and then had another little girl. They named her Amanda, which means “much loved,” because she had so many brothers and sisters to love her.

You Are a Child of God

Ask children if they know how they got their names.

Then ask:

  • Do any of you know the meaning of your name?

Allow kids to respond. If you brought a name book, read some meanings from it.