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Fall Family Events: 5 Fail-Proof Tips for Harvesting Success

fall family events
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So you’re planning fall family events for children’s ministry? Good for you! Whether it’s a Fall Festival, Backward Trick-or-Treat, Trunk or Treat, or something else, you’re on the right track for reaching families in your community. That’s because parents are looking for safe, fun activities to do with their sweet kids.

In the many years we’ve created Fall Festivals, we’ve learned how to ensure your event reaches families for Jesus.

5 Tips for Successful Fall Family Events

1. Have lots of candy.

The Apostle Paul said he becomes all things to everyone in order to reach them for the gospel. If Paul were here now, we think he’d say to load up on the candy. That’s the sweet treat that pulls kids in. If you’re not providing candy, children will go elsewhere (like to the mall where the candy’s aplenty). This is not a time to be a sugar disciplinarian!

2. Communicate costume filters.

Let guests know ahead of time they’ll need to wear appropriate costumes for the good of younger children—nothing scary. Remember, families are looking for a safe place for the kids.

3. Focus on one point.

What’s the point of having a family event if you have no point? And what’s the point? It’s not about candy and costumes and games, at least not if you’re trying to reach families for Jesus. “The point” is the truth you want families to walk away with.