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Trunk or Treat Games for Church: 12 Fun Activities to Try This Fall

trunk or treat games for church

For many families in your church and community, fall festivals and harvest events are a highlight of the programming year. Fun seasonal activities such as carnivals, hayrides, and Trunk or Treat evenings lead to lots of smiles and great memories. Plus, they’re a nonthreatening way to introduce people to your church and children’s ministry. Read on to discover a bushel of Trunk or Treat games for church that you can try this fall.

Trunk or Treat—basically a car-based trick-or-treating event set in your church parking lot— has become a popular Halloween alternative. (And the event is especially ideal during pandemic times!) Choose an overall theme, or let each vehicle owner decorate as desired.

In a separate area, you can set out games for children of all ages to enjoy. These fun Trick or Treat games for church also work well for any type of autumn activity, including carnivals, congregational picnics, outreach events, or fundraisers.

Pro Tip: Be sure to recruit lots of energetic helpers! Youth and preteen volunteers are perfect for leading games for younger kids.

Enjoy playing these 12 fun Trunk or Treat games for church:

trunk or treat games for church

1. Poke a Pumpkin

Although this game requires setup and maintenance, it’s sure to be a hit with little ones. Players get to poke through a tissue-paper portion of a pumpkin shape to grab a small treat or prize.

trunk or treat games for church

2. Candy Corn Tic-Tac-Toe

For this simple, self-explanatory game, gather candies and basic game boards. For an extra-large version, play tic-tac-toe in a grassy area, using different-colored bean bags as X’s and O’s.

trunk or treat games for church

 3. Caution Maze

Corn mazes are a popular family activity in the autumn, but not every community has fields nearby. So when you’re planning Trunk or Treat games for church, grab some long rolls of caution tape and then start unspooling. You’ll need an assistant or two, but the resulting maze will have players smiling as they try to find the exit.

trunk or treat games for church

4. Caught in the Web

In children’s ministry, you may have encountered some “sticky” situations before. But this one is all in good fun! You’ll need painters tape and bags of fake spiders to set up a web for kids to crawl through.

trunk or treat games for church

5. Hop & Drop

For this active game, teams of players must transport apples in creative ways. At the end, you can tie in Galatians 6:9, which promises that “we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

trunk or treat games for church

6. Pumpkin Ring Toss

Giant ring toss games using hula hoops are fun for all ages. To add more of a challenge, set some pumpkins at various heights, using hay bales as props.

trunk or treat games for church

7. Crazy Cans

For this classic carnival game, which involves throwing balls or bean bags at stacked cans, you can decorate the cans with crazy faces. Or, if you’re brave, paste on photos of children’s ministry staff members!

trunk or treat games for church

8. Pumpkin Pickup

Children are drawn to water-themed games, such as the much-loved kiddie-pool fishing activity. For Pumpkin Pickup, kids select one bobbing mini-pumpkin or gourd and read the number printed on the bottom. That corresponds with the prize they then receive.

trunk or treat games for church

9. Pumpkin Sweep

For this fall version of curling, gather pumpkins and brooms and have players race to see who can “sweep” their pumpkin across a leafy lawn to the finish line the fastest.

trunk or treat games for church

10. Gourd Bowling

Trunk or Treat games for church often feature some type of bowling. Using either gourds or mini-pumpkins, players see how many pins they can knock down. (Get creative to determine what those pins might be!)

trunk or treat games for church

11. Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

This straightforward game is just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but with a fall focus. Have some blindfolds handy, and spin older kids around first to make the task more challenging.

trunk or treat games for church

12. Passing Pumpkins

Many Trunk or Treat games for church come in variations and are easily adaptable. For Passing Pumpkins, you can play like Musical Chairs, passing pumpkins around a circle until fall-themed music stops. Or you can have relay teams race to pass pumpkins along a line of players without using their hands.

What other Trunk or Treat games for church are a hit with your children? Please share them in the comments below!

trunk of treat game ideas for church

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