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Preparing Your Kids for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence)—It’s the new buzzword. And it’s natural for our kids to be curious about it and all of it’s ever-increasing forms.

As this technology advances, so will our need to adapt our strategies towards how we use it.

However, here are five simple tips adapted from commonsensemedia.org (a helpful site for parents) that I shared with a group of moms and dads at my home church yesterday on how to start helping prepare your kids now for the new world of AI tomorrow.

These suggestions are just a starting point to open up a much larger ongoing conversation.

1. Discuss the Benefits and Risks.

Have you had any conversations with your kids about AI? It’s going to be a big part of their lives (or at least their surrounding world) in the coming years.

Remember when people used to say “This generation of kids will never know a world without the iPhone?” Well, that’s what is going to be said about AI and the next generation.

As with anything new (internet, smartphone, Siri, etc.), there are great benefits and great risks that should be discussed.

The reality is that AI is here to stay, and for the sake of our kids, we can’t afford to just ignore it.

2. Explore AI Tools Together.

It’s great for kids to learn how to use new tools with adult support and supervision.

My boys and I tried this out a few weeks ago. We asked ChatGPT to create an argument for and against a biblical issue, and the results were interesting, to say the least.

3. Address Biases in Tech.

Like any tech, AI is not perfect. It’s designed by humans, so has the potential for many mistakes or mistruths.

Remind your kids to get important information only from trustworthy sources they know they can rely on, rather than randomly through technology.