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Holy Spirit Lesson for Teaching Children About Pentecost

Holy Spirit
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The Holy Spirit is an important part of the Trinity. But children may be confused about who the Holy Spirit is and what he does. So use this free, kid-friendly lesson to teach children about God sending the gift of his Spirit at Pentecost.

Students discover the day’s significance as they color an activity page and discuss Scripture.

Children’s Bible Lesson About the Holy Spirit

Scripture: Acts 2:1-12; Matthew 28:20b


The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost

Beforehand, cut out and curl 3-inch pieces of red, yellow, and orange curling ribbon.

Have children write their names on their activity pages. (Help younger children.) Then set out the curled ribbon strips, tape, and crayons.

  1. Give each child an activity page. Point to the men in the picture. Explain that in the Bible, some people were talking about God’s love. But other people didn’t understand because they spoke a different language. Direct children to color each man a different color, as a reminder that they spoke different languages.
  2. Say: All of a sudden, a big wind blew through the room. Something that looked like fire appeared over the men’s heads.
  3. Helping as needed, have children tape pieces of curled ribbon on the flames. Then show children how to blow on the ribbons to make the “flames” move!
  4. Say: The flames showed that God had sent a helper, called the Holy Spirit, to help the people. Suddenly everyone could understand what the men were saying! Lots of people heard about Jesus that day because of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Open your Bible to Matthew 28:20b. Read the Scripture verse aloud to each child one at a time. Fill in the word “you” with each child’s name.

God Is With Us


  • Have you ever heard someone speak a different language? What was that like?
  • Who helps you understand God’s Word, the Bible?
  • What is it like to know that God is always with you?