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Why I Serve in Children’s Ministry: 6 Amazing Volunteer Benefits

why I serve in children's ministry

When people ask why I serve in children’s ministry, I have lots of great answers. If you’re wondering why you should volunteer in kidmin programs, read on!

In our church’s volunteer orientation class, we share six key benefits of serving in children’s ministry. Many more benefits exist, but these provide a great start.

Be sure you can answer why I serve in children’s ministry. Keep these six reasons handy for the next time you are recruiting kidmin volunteers.

6 Reasons Why I Serve in Children’s Ministry

1. First, you’re joining a FAMILY. 

You’ll develop friendships with your fellow volunteers. You’ll laugh together, share prayer requests, and support and encourage one another.

We weren’t meant to do the Christian life alone. And serving in children’s ministry means you’ll be surrounded by friends who will walk with you on your journey. You’re gaining a family.

2. You’re also getting ready to be part of FUN.

Yep…that’s right. Lots of fun! No matter your age, a little kid inside you wants to have fun. And now that you’re part of the Children’s Ministry team, you can let that little kid out. Laugh…smile…enjoy yourself. Have a good time!

3. Another benefit of serving in children’s ministry is FAITH.

You’re going to find your faith growing. You see, serving is a key component of growing your faith. So get ready to see your spiritual growth accelerate as you begin serving.

4. By joining the team, you receive a FOCUS. 

We are focused on one thing: impacting our world with the love and message of Jesus Christ. Everyone…every day…everywhere. This is why you’ll be serving. This is why you’ll hold babies in the nursery. It’s why you’ll help preschoolers color a Bible story picture. It’s why you’ll greet new kids and families.

This is why you’ll lead groups of kids. It’s why you’ll run a computer presentation or sound board. It’s why you’ll pass out take-home papers. This is why you’ll help families check in. It’s why you’ll lead kids in worship and share a Bible story. And it’s why you’ll help keep kids safe.

It’s so they can be impacted by the love and message of Jesus Christ. So they can discover the hope found in Him. This is the focus of the team you’re joining. It’s a focus worth giving your best to.