Kids’ Art and the Glory of God

As a father of a couple of kids 6 and under, I am frequently given gifts. These gifts are precious and priceless works of art. My children will spend significant time to go and get their paper and crayons to make me a picture. Then they run to me with the picture in hand and simply say, “Here Daddy, I made this.” I hold it up and admire it. Often I will ask questions and they answer in surprising detail about their intentions with their marks. There is no question: They made this artwork with intentionality. They want to share it with me.

I have been studying the book of Genesis lately and was struck with the parallel in creation. The Bible repeatedly says in chapter 1 that what God made was good. God looks at what he made with approval. It is good. He also wants to share its goodness. Psalm 19 tells us that the creation declares God’s glory. It is pouring forth speech about him as the glorious Creator of everything.

Without reducing the infinite glory of what we see in God’s creation, I feel that the illustration of what children are doing helps to communicate what we see in God’s work. God is sharing what he made while he delights in it. Further, he is inviting others to come and behold it and enter into his joy in its stunning beauty. The child, as an image bearer, is unwittingly reflecting something of their Creator’s work. They are joyfully sharing what they have made and inviting us to enter into their joy by agreeing with them about its goodness.

We might look past what kids are doing as simply developmental, but I believe there is something devotional to observe as well. All creation, including children, are declaring his glory. Speech is being poured out. Do you see the Creator’s handiwork in the creativity of the children? It will provoke your worship. It has mine.