How to Pastor a PK

preacher's kid

I grew up as a PK (pastor’s kid). There were good things and bad things about that.

I attended the Christian school at my church. One week at chapel, the speaker was listing off the different types of people in youth groups.

“You got the jocks, the nerds, etc.”

He ended the list with PKs, saying that they are all a bunch of hypocrites.

I was hurt and annoyed. I couldn’t believe that someone was judging me simply because of the job that my dad held.

Are some PKs hypocrites? Maybe. Certainly, not every single PK is.

Struggles of the Pastor’s Kid

There are three ways that people treat PKs differently than they would treat other children in their class.

Some leaders let the pastor’s kid get away with everything.

This was annoying to watch.

I didn’t really experience this very much, mainly because I like to follow the rules. But I have seen other pastors’ kids take advantage of the teacher who was in charge.

The teacher who was in charge would let the PK do whatever they wanted simply because they do not want to correct them. I think it is out of fear, they are afraid of what the pastor will say, so they don’t do anything. You see this a lot in larger churches.

This is frustrating to everyone else in your class, and you lose credibility with the PK.

If there is a pastor’s kid in your class that is causing a disruption, tell them to stop, just like you would any other child. If they persist, pull them aside—discipline should not be done in front of everyone. If it still persists, have a meeting with the child and the parent.