How to Pastor a PK

I have had many people in my life who pastored me but never held the position of pastor in my local church. They encouraged me, challenged me and never let me coast through life, but most importantly, they let me be a kid.

Krista B. started as my babysitter and later became my puppet team leader. She was gentle with me when I was scared of thunder storms. Yet, she still pushed me and challenged me to do things I was afraid to.

Brother John Tasch encouraged me to go on a missions trip—without my parents. I was so scared flying of Ireland to meet Brother John and his team there. But I learned so much!  That trip gave me a heart for lost people.

Pastor Kelly Shirley, my preteen youth pastor. Kelly could see that I had skills. She would have me help her with things before church service because I was always at church. But she also let me be a normal teen.

If you are teaching kids, some of the kids in your class are PKs. Don’t be scared to confront and give correction when needed. Give grace to these children that are put into a very difficult and lonely position at a young age. And mentor these young kids that need guidance.

You can do it!

Another thing that you can do to help the PKs in your class is to give them a heart for the lost.

That was the main goal we had when writing Super Church 2.0 Finding God.

Finding God will do three things:

  1. It is guaranteed to give your kids a heart for the lost.
  2. Teach your kids what to do when God seems far away.
  3. Teach your kids to hear from God and make wise choices for themselves instead of always depending on Mom and Dad.

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