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Gen Z Slang: Dozens of Terms From Today’s Kid Culture

Gen Z slang

Gen Z slang may seem like a foreign language to older adults. But it’s important to know the terms popular with kids we’re teaching and reaching. After all, a big part of connecting with kids is entering their world. When missionaries try to connect with a culture, they first learn its language.

Each generation has a “slang language,” and Gen Z is no exception. If you want to connect with kids and enter their world, then it’s very helpful to know their lexicon.

Much of Gen Z slang is tied to the fast-paced, constantly changing environment of social media. In today’s social media culture, slang terms change quickly.

Children’s ministers, youth ministers, pastors, and volunteers—take note! Here are some of the latest Gen Z slang words:

Gen Z Slang Words You Should Know

  1. Stan (a combination of “stalker” and “fan”)
  2. W (Win)
  3. Salty (to be rude or angry)
  4. Savage (to be bitter or crass)
  5. Cheugy (not trendy)
  6. Basic (mainstream and trendy, in a dull way)
  7. Throwing shade (insulting)
  8. Shook (to be amazed, shocked, in disbelief)
  9. Lit (something fun and exciting)
  10. Peng (cool)
  11. Eets (short for ‘sweet’)
  12. Peak (when something is going really bad)
  13. Living rent free in your head (something you can’t stop thinking about)
  14. Savage (cool)
  15. Ship (relationship)
  16. Bae (another word for babe, referring to one’s partner)
  17. Sup (an abbreviation of “what’s up?”)
  18. Catch hands (to start a fight)
  19. Tea (gossip)
  20. Finna (I’m going to)
  21. OPT (one true pair, a couple)
  22. Real talk (saying something true)
  23. Firing shots (saying something negative about someone else)
  24. Lit (amazing)
  25. I’m dead/I’m weak (response to something you find hilarious)
  26. Thirsty (desperate for attention)
  27. Adulting (acting grown up)
  28. Move (a big party)
  29. Milk (needs some help)
  30. Unsult (backhanded compliment)
  31. Fleek (spot on )
  32. CC/Cray Cray (crazy)
  33. Guap (money)
  34. Snack (someone you find attractive)
  35. Glow up (a transformation or improvement)
  36. Squad (group)
  37. Skurt (go away)
  38. Straight fire (hot or trendy)

And then there’s the whole emoji thing… But that’s a topic for another day.