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Parachute Candy Drop: A Fun Outreach Idea for Kids & Families

parachute candy drop

A parachute candy drop is a great outreach idea for your church’s children’s ministry. Read on to discover how easy and effective this activity can be!

Providing special outreach opportunities for kids and families at your church to invite their friends and neighbors is important. But kidmin outreach events often drain your energy, time and money.

Although this idea isn’t super cheap, the time and energy involved is minimal. I prepared it for 60 kids in a couple of hours.

We did a parachute candy drop for Easter weekend. There are a million community and church Easter egg hunts near us, so we wanted to do something different and memorable. This idea also works great with many types of events: VBS, Fall Festivals, Special Invite Sundays, etc.

For a parachute candy drop, you’ll need these supplies:

  • Small toy parachutes (The cheapest and highest quality I found were $2.50 each. If you order online, allow time for shipping.)
  • Prizes (candy, gift cards, toys, etc.)
  • Rubberbands

That’s it!

When supplies are in hand, here’s how you’ll prepare:

  1. Unpack the parachutes.
  2. Print off different prizes on strips of paper.
  3. Rubber band the paper strips to the parachute people (putting actual candy with the parachutes makes them too heavy).
  4. Fold the parachutes and place in boxes.

Parachute Candy Drop: A Few Simple Steps

For the parachute candy drop, follow these 6 easy directions:

  1. Place a ladder to a flat portion of your building’s roof. (If you don’t have flat roof space, try one of these options. Invite a local fire company to come throw parachutes off their truck ladder. Rent a machine with a platform that extends up. Place scaffolding against your building, etc.).
  2. Bring the boxes of parachutes up to the roof.
  3. Bring the kids out and hype them up.
  4. Send a few brave volunteers up to the roof.
  5. Throw the parachutes down to the kids.
  6. Have kids trade in their prize papers for actual prizes.