Outreach Idea: Parachute Candy Drop

Outreach Idea: Parachute Candy Drop

Providing special outreach opportunities for kids and families at your church to invite their friends and neighbors is important.

But outreach events are also often a drain on energy, time and money.

While this idea isn’t super cheap, the time and energy to coordinate it is minimal.

I prepared it for 60 kids in a couple of hours.

We did this as part of our Easter Services: There are a million community and church Easter Egg Hunts where our church is, so we wanted to do something different that would be memorable.

This would also work great with many different types of events like VBS, Fall Festivals, Special Invite Sundays, etc.

Here are the supplies you need:

  • Parachutes: The cheapest and highest quality I could find were $2.50 ea; check them out here. (Note: Allow at least three weeks for shipping.)
  • Prizes: Candy, Gift cards, Toys, etc.
  • Rubber Bands

That’s it.

Once you have the supplies in hand, here’s what you’ll do for prep:

  1. Unpack the parachutes.
  2. Print off different prizes on strips of paper.
  3. Rubber band the paper strips to the parachute men (putting actual candy with the parachutes makes them too heavy).
  4. Fold the parachutes and place in boxes

Here’s what you’ll do for the parachute drop:

  1. Place a ladder to a flat portion of roof on your building (if you don’t have any flat roof space some options are to invite a local Fire Company to come and throw them off their track ladder, rent one of those machines with a platform that extends up, place scaffolding against your building, etc.).
  2. Bring the boxes of parachute men up to the roof.
  3. Bring the kids out, and hype them up.
  4. Send a few brave volunteers up to the roof.
  5. Throw the parachute men down to the kids.
  6. Have the kids trade in their prize papers for actual prizes.

I know all of this is super simplistic, but it made a special memory for the kids at our church and the friends they brought.

And if you do a bunch of smaller prizes rather than a few big ones, it doesn’t cost a lot more, while creating something unforgettable for all the kids, rather than the few who got the big prizes.

Here’s my question for you: What are some fun and creative things your church has done to create opportunities for kids and families to invite? Leave a comment!

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