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Gospel Emojis: Use These Symbols to Tell Kids About Easter

Gospel emojis

Gospel emojis? Yes, you read that correctly. Read on to discover an innovative way to tell children in your church and community about the good news of Easter!

Like most children’s ministers, I’m always seeking new and creative ways to share the gospel. An effective approach needs to be kid-friendly, clear, and biblically sound. I assume I’m not the only one searching for new gospel presentations for kids. If you need a last-minute Easter lesson, I hope these Gospel emojis are helpful!

My kids are crazy about emojis. (Let’s admit, many grownups are too.) I decided to use that familiar language to connect kids to the gospel. Basically, I chose 16 emojis to tell the story of the Bible, from Creation to the Resurrection.

I featured the emojis on PowerPoint slides and also printed them on cards for kids to hold. This visual helped kids engage and gave me something to move around to hold their attention.

I shared one emoji at a time, giving kids a key phrase to repeat for each. After introducing a new emoji, we repeated the previous ones.

Gospel Emojis and What They Represent

Check out these Gospel emojis. Here’s what each symbol stands for:

1. Crown: God is the King.

The Bible begins with “In the beginning, God…”  He has always been and will always be. God rules over all.

2. World: God created the world.

Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

3. Boy & Girl: God made people.

God’s prize creation is people. He made Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden.

4. Snake & Apple: People sin.

Recount briefly the story of the Fall.

5. Crying: People were separated from God.

God is holy and can’t sin.

6. Death: The wages of sin is death.

Romans 6:23 says sin brings death.

7. Monkeys (See/Hear/Speak No Evil): People tried and tried and tried.

Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people tried to keep the law and do good.

8. Devil: But people sinned.

For the Israelites and everyone who followed, the story was the same. People tried to keep the law, they sinned, God rescued them, repeat.