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Year of the FAM: A Fresh Idea for Your Family

Year of the FAM: A Fresh Idea for Your Family

The Year of the FAM has been amazing for our family. This past school year, our family made some huge changes in our structure. We wanted to become more intentional than ever before in accomplishing our goals and instilling our values into our children, and we felt that in a lot of ways, our family’s schedule was not allowing us to do that. So in addition to choosing to once again homeschool 3 of our 4 children, we made some other significant changes about what we say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to as a family.

This resulted in what we call “The Year of the FAM!”

Over the last few months, our family has become more focused, had more fun, and accomplished far more than previously on a weekly basis.

We did this by coming up with a weekly game plan based on our needs and desires for our family. Here are some of the ideas of what we did, and how you can apply them to your own family. (You can take a peek at our schedule here.)

Our Year of the FAM family game-plan has three main focuses:

Shared Responsibilities

For example, because we have 6 people in our family and no dishwasher, we each take one day per week that rotates weekly (this could apply to many areas of family life and responsibilities). In addition, we have a set list of weekly responsibilities for each person. Getting consistent and clear on what everyone is expected to do in the family, and when they are required to do it, has helped tremendously. Your family is a team, so treat it like one, where everyone gets to do their part.

Intentional Structure (Time-management)

We enjoy theme nights for the different days of the week to help us stay intentional, and our kids love it (They’re especially hip about movie night, not always so much about exercise night. Lol). We’ve been doing theme nights for many years and we change these nights up over time with different themes, and it’s been a lot of fun. Rather than just ‘seeing what happens’, we have made an intentional effort to decide in advance what happens. (Our TV gets less attention than before, but that’s okay)

Family Fun

In addition to our structured theme nights, we’ve incorporated multiple opportunities to simply enjoy family life together. Some of these things include a weekly one-on-one breakfast with each child once a month, scheduling a special getaway or unique activity as a family each month, choosing to fast from something weekly as a family (sugar, soda, television, eating out, complaining, etc), as well as family scripture memory. By incorporating these ideas, we’ve seen positive benefits in our home.

The game plan for your family will not look exactly like ours but should reflect your own goals and desires for your home. Ultimately, the endgame is to simply be intentional about whatever it is that you choose to do. (If you get just one good idea from this, you’ve scored for your family!)

“Never give in to the temptation that ‘this is just the way it has to be’ in our home. Always keep fighting for your family… one change at a time.”

Your family deserves your best. And I guarantee that you’ll never regret giving it to them.

This article about year of the FAM originally appeared here.

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