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Mom Creates ‘COVID-19 Time Capsule’ Worksheets for Families During Pandemic

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Have you ever wanted to work on a time capsule but haven’t had the time? Like most mothers around the world right now, Natalie Long is at home with her kids, practicing self-isolation, and social distancing as a way to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Recognizing that this is likely a once in a lifetime event, Natalie wanted a way to document this time in her family’s life so they could look back on the COVID-19 pandemic in the future, and remember what it was like.

“We are all living through history and something I have said I wanted to do from the beginning is make a keepsake of this moment for us to look back on,” Natalie wrote on Facebook. “I have saved newspapers, art work done by my kids, taken photos of all our days and kept a diary.”

The founder of Long Creations, Natalie assembled a simple ‘About Me’ page for her and her children to fill out together.

“Everyone is going to talk about it. You know, ‘what grade were you in when you couldn’t go to school?,’ that sort of thing. And their kids are going to ask them,” says Natalie.

Natalie shared the worksheet on her professional page to gather ideas for what else should be included in a time capsule. Within no time, she had an 11-page document, ready to record the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 Time Capsule pages include:

A Page To Draw Family Picture
All About Me
How I’m Feeling
My Community
What I Am Doing At Home
Handprint Page
Special Occasion Page
Letter To Myself Sheet
Interview For The Parents
Letter From The Parent

She posted the finished time capsule documents on her Facebook page for families to download and work on together. As you can imagine, her COVID-19 time capsule went viral for ALL the right reasons, even crashing her Dropbox and Google Drive download links.

With the help of her friends at Let’s Embark, Natalie is now hosting her FREE COVID-19 Time Capsule worksheets here for anyone to download.

“This is something I designed for fellow families with children living through this difficult time,” Natalie says “It is meant as a GIFT not for profit!”

When asked if she would accept payment for the time capsule, Natalie encouraged people to donate to a local charity or family in need.

We are living in unprecedented times. There’s no better way to remember what these days and weeks are like, than documenting them together as a family!

Download your FREE COVID-19 Time Capsule here.