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WATCH: 2-Year-Old Who Survived 2 Attempted Abortions Worships to ‘The Blessing’

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It’s no secret that 2020 has been a mixed bag. I mean, you literally could not write the stuff of this year. And still, in the thick of so much unknown, many Christians around the globe have found comfort and solace in “The Blessing.” For one abortion survivor, the song literally moves him to worship.

The worship song, which was co-written by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick, and Elevation Worship Pastor Chris Brown earlier this year has taken on a world of its own. And it’s the Spirit-breathed gift we didn’t know we needed in these unprecedented times.

As the anthem continues to be a source of life and hope for so many, we’re seeing generational chains being broken in Jesus’ name.

Eric and Mandy Godwin have had a front-row seat to that testimony through their son, Ezekiel, whom they adopted out of foster care in 2019.

The two-and-a-half-year-old went viral last month in a video posted to Facebook of him worshiping to “The Blessing” in his family’s kitchen.


While the clip of Zeke raising his arms high and passionately shouting the song’s declarations is one of the cutest things you’ll see all day, it’s the toddler’s story of redemption that makes his worship performance all the more beautiful.

Zeke Is an Abortion Survivor

“He’s survived an attempted abortion…not once, but twice,” the Godwins wrote in the now-viral Facebook post. “From the moment we brought him home from the hospital, we knew he was special. God has mighty plans for this one.”

His name, “Ezekiel,” means “God strengthens,” and boy isn’t that the testimony of his short little life so far.

“He’s special in so many ways,” the Godwins write. “He’s smart as a whip. He’s more athletic and agile than I could ever dream of being. He’s got that irresistible twinkle of joy in his eyes. He loves music, especially worship music. He can dance better than anyone in our family. He loves to pray…with passion.”

His parents say that Zeke was in the middle of playing with toys in his bedroom when they turned on the song in the kitchen.

“When he heard it, he immediately abandoned his Little Tikes dump truck in his bedroom and sprinted downstairs to show the rest of us where true strength is found!”

Zeke is living, breathing, worshipping proof that death doesn’t have the final say, because our God is victorious.

“To Zeke, these words are alive,” his parents say. “It’s more than just background noise…it’s his anthem!”

Check out the full song below! May its lyrics be a blessing over your life today!

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