Pay It Forward

Guest Post by Amie Sharp Bement

We’ve seen the commercials where a guy opens the door for a stranger, and then that stranger lets someone ahead of her in line at the grocery store someone sees that and helps the elderly woman cross the street.  Cue the violins playing in the background and the logo for Bank of Trust.  No matter how cheesy this commercial may be, there is a lesson in it for all of us…delegation…paying it forward. I know…you’re cringing.  The last time you delegated it was more work than it was worth, they left the church, left God or just decided it was too much work…you spent hours investing and then you were back to square one.  As leaders, delegation can be a four-letter word, but I believe delegation can expand your ministry and maybe even give you a real Friday off!


Who: Delegation is not for volunteers who sign up in the Sunday bulletin.  When you look for a leader to delegate to, you want to find exactly that.  A LEADER!  Someone who you have observed in action, someone that has been noticed by others and they have said …YES they are amazing!  A leader, who will be your advocate and be your ministry’s biggest fan.

What: Come prepared to meet this leader with a written job description of the position.  One that includes your expectations, possible volunteer hours involved and how long the commitment is for.  Include how often you want to meet with them.  Dream a little.  The purpose of this is to help avoid any miscommunication and let them know your expectations ahead of time.

Where: Meet them for coffee, find out what’s going on in their lives…this is a great chance to test the waters…are they working four other jobs? Volunteering in every ministry available? Overwhelmed with their stress-filled life? This is a chance for you to get a small window into their every day world and find out if they would be a good fit.

When: After you have presented the job description, give the leader a deadline and allow a way out for both of you.  Presenting this position as something you will both think and pray about for the week and see if you BOTH feel it’s a good fit.  This will allow you to re-evaluate after meeting, and ponder if this is the right person for your leadership position.

Why: Paying it forward.  One of the greatest joys for me as a leader is to walk around at an event, or a Sunday morning and have nothing to do.  No, it’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because I get to watch leaders using their gifts.  Honestly, its like giving them a present, saying, “here, I believe in you, I want to watch you shine” and it provides them an opportunity to worship God in their own way.  By not delegating, I am being selfish.  Yes, it’s risky, and sometimes goes south, but many times when I delegate that leader does it ten times better and more creatively than I would.  Cue violin music and pay it forward.


Amie Sharp Bement worked as a full time Children’s  and Family Pastor for 13 years.  She currently is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern at The Soul Care House in San Diego.  She specializes in child and family therapy and recovery and prevention from ministry burnout.

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