Family Traditions…

Guest Post by Greg Ferguson

I love Christmas… Really is an understatement I really, really, really love Christmas. There is something about Christmas music, Caramel brule Latte at Starbucks and of course the temperatures that start to drop and of course the snowfall (unless you live in Texas). The one thing that my wife and I have tried to do when we got married was to do things that were memorable especially when we started to have kids. You can call them traditions, but what are some traditions that you have as a family. If you think about it every family has a tradition of some sort.

Last year we found out about a tree lighting in our area I have done this before when I lived in Indianapolis, but never where I live know. I thought that this would be a great thing to attend every year and this is something that we could all look forward too as a family. We get the kids all bundled up, watch a few different choirs sing and then they light the Christmas tree followed up with my favorite Christmas drink, sugar cookies that have been decorated and then eaten by my kids.

Everyone seems to have a tradition especially around Christmas time, but the one thing that I love is that I get to share with my kids the reason why we have Christmas. It’s not all about the presents, the tree, the cookies, but it’s about spending time with your family and sharing the reason why we do celebrate Christmas. If you have never started a tradition with your kids go and try to find something that you can start making memories with your families and you never know that, but you might find the right family tradition that you look forward for years to come.

What are your favorite Christmas Family Traditions?  What’s an interesting or unique tradition you have heard about from someone else?  How important do you think Family Traditions are to a family?

Greg is the Children’s Pastor at Grace Community Church in Flower Mound, Texas. He has been a full time children’s pastor for the past seven years.