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Children’s Ministry Improvements: 10 Easy Ways to Be More Inviting

6. Teach your team to smile.

Few things are less inviting than a hurried, grumpy, distracted person meeting kids and parents at the classroom (or as a greeter). Smiling makes everything better, easier and more inviting!

7. Point people in the right direction.

I mentioned how hard it can be to find a children’s ministry from church parking lots. I’m also amazed how hard it is to find things once I’m inside. Appropriate, attractive signage is essential. (NO handwritten notes taped to the wall!) Also, make sure signs point to every significant area from every possible direction.

8. Keep the kidmin area clean.

Cleanliness may not be next to godliness, but it’s certainly next to attractiveness. Don’t let families walk into a room with trash on the floor (or overflowing trash cans), dirty table or sink areas, smelly bathrooms, etc. Find a way to keep things clean.

9. Remember that “fun” is not a dirty word.

What’s the #1 question parents ask when they pick up their kids? “Did you have fun?” Although we can debate if that should be the case, the truth is they want their kids to enjoy themselves in Sunday school. And so do the kids!

I say this all the time. “If kids in your ministry aren’t having fun, then chances are they aren’t learning much, either.” Find ways to make learning enjoyable, and communicate that from the time families walk in the door.

10. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Complicated systems and processes bog down our ministry and turn off attendees. How many steps does it take for a new family to get into the classroom? How hard is it to pick up their kids? What does it take to sign up their kids for VBS or Summer Camp? Systems are critical, but they must be simple. In fact, everything about your ministry should be as simple as possible (while remaining effective and safe).

What are your ideas for making children’s ministry more inviting? Please share tips in the comments section below!