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Memory Verse Games: 10 Fun Bible Activities for Groups of Children

memory verse games

Bible memory verse games are a great way to engage young learners while helping them hide Scripture in their hearts. You can use these games at church, in Sunday school, during VBS, and even at home.

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10 Fun Bible Memory Verse Games for Kids

1. Memory Verse Game: Spin the Bottle

Mark an arrow on an empty plastic bottle. Kids sit in a circle with the bottle in the middle. Spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on says the first word of the verse. Spin again. Then that person says the first and second words. Continue until you complete the entire verse.

2. Memory Verse Game: Hide a Word

Use this activity with a large group. To prepare, write one word per slip of paper. Then give out one slip of paper to each child. The children chosen line up in front of the room (not in correct verse order). The rest of the group works together to unscramble the words by telling the kids to move around. When the verse is in the correct order, everyone says the verse together. One child from the audience chooses someone to turn around so they can’t see the verse. Then that person says the verse. Continue by choosing one to three people to turn around each time.

3. Memory Verse Game: Spider Web Verse

One child holds the end of a ball of yarn and throws the ball to someone in a circle. They say the next word in the verse and throw the ball to someone else. Continue until the verse is complete and a spider web has formed.

4. Memory Verse Game: Who Is?

Call out different scenarios: Who is wearing tennis shoes? Who has a birthday this month? Who is wearing red? Each time a scenario is called, kids who fit that scenario stand and say the verse together.

5. Memory Verse Game: Miniature Bible Verse

Write the Bible verse as small as possible. Make copies of the verse and hide them around the room. Next, give the kids magnifying glasses. They must search for the verse and then use the magnifying glass to read it.