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Learning Experience Stations Can Enhance Sunday School Lessons

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Recently I wanted to create a different kind of learning experience for our elementary Sunday school students. What prompted this change? Our curriculum’s lesson for that week missed the mark.

First, all the activities relied primarily on Q&A-style responses. Second, the curriculum assumed that all students were familiar with navigating the Bible (which, on that Sunday, just wasn’t the case). In my opinion, this would make non-churched or less Bible-literate children feel very uncomfortable (or—gasp—even bored).

After brainstorming how to solve this issue, I landed on having children rotate through activity stations after large-group worship and Bible story time. We offered three stations for our Sunday morning learning experience.

Try a Fresh New Approach to Learning

Each portion of your time with Sunday school children should be meaningful.

Arrival Time

  • Coloring & Activity Pages (I printed activity sheets from our curriculum, plus word searches I found online)
  • Active Games

Post Large-Group Time

  • Active Games
  • Snack (we don’t usually serve snacks in our elementary area, so this was a special treat)
  • Object Lesson & Worship Response

Every time we’ve changed up the format, it’s been a big hit. Sometimes station leaders stay at one area for the entire morning (so they have to prepare only one thing). Other times they rotate through with their group. Either way, kids love it.

If you’re looking for ways to get kids learning in a different way, don’t be afraid to try activity stations. Here are 8 suggestions to get you started:

8 Learning Experience Ideas

1. Games

First, I suggest a mix of high-energy and low-energy options that correspond to the day’s lesson. Use a high-energy option if your other stations are more reflective or slower paced. Use a low-energy option if your morning will include lots of stimulating elements. Check out my favorite Pinterest-inspired games here.

2. Arts & Crafts

Kids love being creative! Set out a variety of art supplies and let children express their individuality. Items such as paint, modeling clay, construction paper, beads, pipe cleaners, craft sticks and markers are things you should keep on hand for this. Check out my favorite Pinterest-inspired crafts here.

3. Worship Response & Quiet Reflection

Sometimes kids just need a place to sit and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to them. So create this atmosphere with soft lighting, gentle music, and flameless candles. Provide journals or index cards for kids to jot down prayer requests, or provide another prayer station option. Check out my favorite Pinterest-inspired prayer ideas here.

4. Snacks

What child doesn’t love a snack? What child wouldn’t love a snack that goes along with a Bible story? Check out my favorite Pinterest-inspired snack ideas here.