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Calling vs. Career: Where Does Children’s Ministry Fit, Exactly?

Calling vs. Career. Which label would you use for children's ministry? Personally, I don't believe ministry is a career. I believe it's a calling of God.

Outreach Idea for Kids: Attract Crowds With an Ice Cream Blitz

Need a fun outreach idea for kids? Try this fun Ice Cream Blitz for cool treats and sweet, friendly outreach.

4 Discipleship Moments for Family Movie Night

Discipleship can happen anywhere. Here’s four faith-forming movie moments we can capture for our Family Movie Night discipleship times.

What Is the Purpose of Sunday School? 4 Key Program Roles

What is the purpose of Sunday school? This Christian education program has four key parts: reaching, teaching, winning and caring.

Recruit Children’s Ministry Volunteers With These 6 Tips

Knowing how to recruit volunteers for children’s ministry can be tough. So we’ve compiled six tips for recruiting kidmin volunteers.

Children’s Ministry Improvements: 10 Easy Ways to Be More Inviting

Your children’s ministry environment matters, and improvements are easy. Try these 10 tips to be more inviting to parents and children.

The Worst Child Safety Habits and How To Replace Them

Bad child safety habits are often attributed to feeling overwhelmed, understaffed, and pressured to make a good impression or keep people happy by not inconveniencing them. Recognizing the cause of bad safety habits is essential to overcoming or replacing them with better ones.

Cradle Care Ministry: How Your Church Can Welcome Babies & Families

A cradle care ministry is a fantastic way for churches to naturally engage new parents or expectant families.

Prayer for Back to School: Ways to Pray for Students and Teachers

A prayer for back to school season is more important than any list of school supplies. Use or adapt these back-to-school prayers as students return to classrooms this fall.

Parents, Your Words Have Power (So Say These Two to Your Kids!)

Although it's difficult for many parents to say “I’m sorry,” kids need to hear those two words.

Church Fall Festival Games: 10 Harvest Activities for Children’s Ministry

Church fall festival games are a must for a children’s ministry harvest event. These 10 activities are perfect for a harvest festival.

‘Thank You for Coming. Please Leave.’

“Thank you for being committed to being in church with your child. In order to allow those seated near you to engage in the message, please enjoy the remainder of the service in our lobby."

Men Needed: 3 Reasons Godly Men Should Serve in Children’s Ministry

Men have many opportunities in a children's ministry. Guys can help kids learn about God and his love.

Back to School Devotion on Fruit of the Spirit: An Interactive Lesson

A back to school devotion is an effective way to welcome and engage children. Use this back-to-school activity to teach about faith and the fruit of the Spirit.

Kids in Your Ministry Won’t Tell You These 10 Things: Listen Up!

How well do you know the kids in your children's ministry? Here are 10 things Sunday school students won’t tell you but wish you knew.

Christian Subculture and a Look at What Jesus Would (Really) Do

What are your thoughts about Christian subculture? How can we teach children to love God and to truly love all their neighbors?

12 Spiritual Disciplines That Will Make Your Faith Strong

I believe 12 primary spiritual disciplines were practiced by Jesus and prescribed for all believers in the Bible.

Family Night Ideas for Children’s Ministry and Community Outreach

Family night ideas are a hit for community outreach and congregational fun. Children and parents will love these 10 events!

10 Reasons Why Your Children’s Ministry Is Not Growing

Is your children's ministry stuck? No matter what you do, you just can't seem to grow. You are not alone. The vast majority of children's ministries are plateaued.  

Back to School Activities: 7 Ways to Welcome Kids to Sunday School

Back to school activities work well for Sunday school and children's church. Use fun back-to-school lessons, games, and crafts in your children's ministry program. Start with these 7 great ideas!

Matt Chandler, Part 1: How the 2022 Controversy Has Impacted His...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how God has brought healing in his life and ministry following the controversy he walked through in 2022. 

Children's Ministry Leaders