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Louie Giglio on The Prodigal Son: What We’ve Missed

Louie Giglio on the Prodigal Son

Louie Giglio says that The Prodigal Son story is all about the glory of God. How often do we miss that or fail to be impacted by this awareness?

Louie Giglio on The Prodigal Son

Louie Giglio said, “All of eternity angles toward and bends toward the glory of God. And that’s every story. It’s the heart of scripture. It has swept us up in it, and now it gives me my ultimate meaning. ”

Look at the stories in Scripture we all love like the Prodigal Son. Giglio said we often think this story is all about the son because we are the son. We tend to project ourselves onto every story and everything, but really it’s about the father.

The story does say a lot about us and our relationship with the Father, but it says so much more. “The glory of the story has never been the son. The glory of the story is the father.” Jesus was responding to the accusations of the religious crowd and Jesus told a story.

“The story in that day was all about the shepherd, it was always about the woman who swept the house and it was always about the father who would not take no for an answer and with outrageous grace received his son back from the dead, celebrated him and reconnected him into a future story.”

“Jesus died to set me free and to bring me to life and to give me hope again, but when He did that I got a new song of praise and I don’t praise me, I praise God. When He did that I have a story to tell – it’s not my story, it’s the story of Jesus. When He did that I joined the ranks of the eternal worshipers.”

“What it says more than that is God is a God of relentless grace and the outrageous pursuit. That God is a God who is unlike any other god.”

Don’t miss this rich conversation – you will be challenged and encouraged.

Click here to listen to the ChurchLeaders podcast with Louie Giglio on The Prodigal Son.

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