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Billy Graham: What Most Christians Don’t Understand About Satan

the truth about satan

What is the truth about Satan? Billy Graham answered a question on his website about a common misconception people have about Satan. The question reads, “I’ve heard the Bible says somewhere that Satan is actually an angel (or something like that). I thought angels are supposed to be good, but isn’t Satan supposed to be evil?”

The Truth About Satan

In his answer, Graham points to Satan’s uncanny ability to deceive. He’s so good at “masquerad[ing] as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14), as the Scripture describes, that he has deceived us into thinking there’s no reason to fear him. So good, that in fact some people have been deceived into thinking he doesn’t exist. If we don’t even recognize his existence, this gives Satan a huge open door to manipulate us and ultimately derail us from answering our callings in Christ.

Graham explains that Satan “is not as powerful as God—but he still is a powerful spiritual force who works against God in every way he possibly can.” This is precisely why the Bible instructs us to use the armor of God (Ephesians chapter 6).

In conclusion of his answer, Graham reminds us that despite his power and ability to deceive, Satan is a “defeated foe.” Even though he is still actively working against God and the people who are committed to serving God, Satan has been defeated by Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

Graham’s words remind us that as believers and heirs in Christ, we can claim victory over the things of this world (1 John 5:4). That means we can claim victory over the things Satan uses in his attempts to destroy us—temptations, death and even adverse situations.

Billy Graham certainly has experience answering questions like this one. As a minister with incredible reach, both in the U.S. and abroad, his words are grounded in Scripture and the understanding that comes from decades of ministry experience.

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