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video switcher

Video Switcher: How to Enhance Your Video Production with Multiple Cameras and Effects

A video switcher is an important component of video production and livestreaming. But what exactly is a video switcher and what value does it provide to videographers, vloggers, and other content creators?
ministry startup

Is Your Ministry Startup Lean?

A ministry startup is a new venture working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.
effective church communication

All Effective Church Communication Starts With 4 Crucial Questions

Whether someone is hearing, reading, or watching, the goal of effective church communication should be to help them know and then act on that knowledge.
livestreaming church services

5 Ways Livestreaming Church Services Can Help Expand Your Congregation

Churches of all sizes have discovered that livestreaming church services is a wonderful option for those who aren’t able to attend services in person and can also help expand a congregation across the globe.
cyber con artists

How Cyber Con Artists Exploit The Weak

The cyber con artists we deal with at Thirtyseven4 and their disgusting tactics (and order of operations) don’t change.  
stock photos

The Ultimate List of Free Stock Photo Sites for Churches

Sometimes we need to use a stock photos to fill a gap or to communicate a larger message. Lucky for you (and me), stock photos have come a long way in the last several years.
backup plan

What’s Your Backup Plan?

The highest priority of I.T. is disaster recovery preparedness; the ability to recover after a major data loss. We call that a backup plan, because it all starts with good backups. So, what’s your backup plan?
guard against ransomware

Guard Against Ransomware – Your Guide to Safety

Over the last few months, there is one topic raising eyebrows and raising security-awareness in the cybersecurity world: the rampant rise of ransomware. But you and your ministry can guard against ransomware.
porn vr

Porn, VR, and Church Tech

Pornhub reports that their website receives more than 12 million hours of viewing time a day. The porn industry has long set its sights on the Virtual Reality. According one recent report, the porn VR industry grew by more than 18% in 2018.
sermon prep app

Should I Use Sermon Prep Software?

Is sermon prep software (and technology in general) a help or a hindrance? Considering I’m typing this on a laptop, and many of you will read it on your smartphones, it’s obvious that technology is an integral part of our lives.
church asset allocation

Craig Groeschel on Church Asset Allocation – It’s More Important Than You Think!

So you’re probably thinking that church asset allocation is a technical topic designated to be discussed by your finance committee and avoided at all...

EasyWorship’s NDI Integration Fits Into Your Production Workflow

EasyWorship software is designed to meet the needs of churches, big and small, around the world: a great option that not only assists with broadcasting but helps you build your entire church service.
church data

4 Tools To Help Understand Your Church Data

It’s time to rethink the decline in church attendance, learn about data, and discover how you can use church data to reach your communities and retain congregants.
staging concepts

Setting the Stage for Worship (Literally)

a leading designer and manufacturer for performing art centers, theaters, and worship facilities, Staging Concepts continues to impress the nation with top-of-the-line staging solutions.

Don’t Listen to the Negative Buzz — Here’s the Case FOR Church Apps

The trend of a standalone church app has fallen out of favor with many church leaders. The busting of this so-called fad is a chance to re-evaluate what standalone church apps can be for your local body. Church apps can increase visibility, create accessibility, and promote legacy.
cyber security bugs

Summer Cyber Security Bugs, and How To Stop Them

Cyber security bugs (like Emotet) are everywhere, and in most cases unwanted. Education and preventive measures can go a long way in keeping them from you or from harming your systems.
media team member

Media Team Members Are Part of the Worship Team!

As a media team member, here are three things you can think about the next time you sit down to run slides or other media for the worship experience.
ADA noncompliant websites

Could Your Church Website Face an ADA Noncompliance Lawsuit?

In 2017, there were 814 lawsuits for ADA non-compliant websites and apps. In 2018, that number nearly tripled to 2,258.
worship slides

The Ten Commandments of Worship Slides

Your screen content is one of the most visible venues for everyone in your church. It’s worth the effort and time to make your worship slides and screen content impactful.
mobile church

Mobile Church Gear Your Church Can’t (and CAN) Do Without

The most important thing to remember about gearing up for mobile church is to focus on the ministry of the church.


Today’s churches face daunting technological challenges to equip and resource their churches with the best and most affordable media solutions in this digital age. More than ever, church pastors need church software, social media tools, giving management tools, and worship resources to enable them to advance the gospel of Jesus in these techy times.

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