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Is an In Ear Monitor System for Church Part of Your Audio Gear?

in ear monitor system for church

Is an in ear monitor system for church part of your monitoring system? It takes an individual’s monitor mix and sends it directly to the ears of that musician or singer. Some churches are acoustically challenged venues such as the ones meeting in a school gym or office building. In other churches with high ceilings and hard surfaces designed for acoustic music, choirs and sermons, there are a few problems.

For a quieter stage, less feedback and more control over individual mixes, a personal monitoring system is the answer. Today, entry-level wireless in-ear monitoring (IEM) systems including transmitter, bodypack, receiver, and earphones are far less expensive than the equipment that first came on the scene in many mega-churches nearly 20 years ago.

Is an In Ear Monitor System for Church Part of Your Gear?

To determine what kind of system will work best for you/your church, let’s assess your needs and those of the musicians and singers and the type of mixing console that you have.

Who will benefit the most from in ear monitor system for church?

  • Of course, vocalists will benefit from it, but also drummers will play quieter and more controlled with IEMs.
  • Organists will also benefit, especially if they are located at the opposite end of the sanctuary. Time delays can be eliminated if choir monitors are fed into the organist’s personal monitor system.
  • Pastors and teachers will benefit as the IEMs prevent feedback that comes from gooseneck microphones or lavaliers.
  • Choir directors use it for cues to hear the pastor more clearly.
  • It eliminates the “volume war offenders”!
  • Audio engineers use IEMs for microphone placement in front of loud instruments. This lets the engineer walk right to the front of the amp cabinet and position it for the best audio without being exposed to louder than normal sound pressure levels.

For an in ear monitor system for church do you want wired, wireless or both?

Hardwired systems require the musicians and singers to be tethered to a cable. Drummers, back-up singers and keyboard players who are stationary on stage have no problem with being tethered and thus can take advantage of the lower cost and the simplicity that hardwired systems offer.