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5 Christian Pastors Leading the Way on TikTok

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Social media has been around a lot longer than we realize. When the Apostle Paul wrote letters to churches and individuals in the First Century, he was using the “social media” of his day. The Roman empire had provided “connectivity” by building a system of roads throughout the Mediterranean world. The “data” that traveled through the network of roads are what we call the epistles. In our era the Internet is our means of connectivity; social media can come and go with astonishing speed. Facebook is where “old people” hang out. TikTok is currently among the latest apps, and like the Apostle Paul, there is no shortage of Christian pastors on TikTok.

Plenty of youth ministers use TikTok, but there are also an increasing number of pastors on TikTok bringing words of encouragement, offering brief answers to popular questions, and even prayers for those in need.

5 Christian Pastors Leading the Way on TikTok

1. Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church @pastorlocke
Based in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Pastor Locke has more than a half-million followers on TikTok. No wonder his church’s name contains the phrase “global vision.” It’s not unusual to see him pop up for a moment of prayer or to offer answers to questions—or even challenges to Christians.

2. Pastor Noah Carr @pastor.noah

Pastor Noah Carr prays for believers morning, noon, and night. Approaching one million followers, Pastor Carr brings sincere and powerful prayers to his channel, along with words of biblical encouragement that reach people right where they are. If you need godly direction and a deep encouragement, this is one channel you should add to your list.

3. Pastor Andy Ferguson @Pastor_Andy

You can find seasoned Christian pastors on TikTok as well. Bible in hand, and looking every bit the part of a traditional pastor, Pastor Andy delivers the timeless wisdom of God’s Word through the decidedly non-traditional medium of TikTok.

4. Tanner Thetford @pastortanner

Take a walk with Pastor Tanner and you’ll find answers to your theologically-oriented questions. He answers specific questions and tags the people who have asked them. We may not know where Pastor Tanner lives, but the landscape of his walks is beautiful. It’s a bit like getting one-on-one time—right on your smartphone.

5. Pastor Dwight Jr. @pastordwightbuckner

pastor dwight jr on tiktok

Join Pastor Dwight Jr. as he studies God’s word and teaches us how we can apply it in our lives. Pastor Dwight Kevin Buckner, Jr, affectionately known on social media as Pastor Dwight, is a proud husband, father, and man of God. Widely known from his appearances on the hit Lifetime reality show, Married at First Sight. Buckner is a relationship advisor and author who is dedicated to inspiring people to believe in themselves and their God given purpose.

Christian pastors on TikTok represent the full range of Christian faith on matters ranging from theology to current social issues. The diversity of opinions and personalities among these pastors are as wide and varied as all the pastors in your hometown.

Perhaps you follow other Christian pastors on TikTok? Or maybe you are one! Let us know!