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Your Top Picks for Nursery Pager Systems

Nursery Pager

We’ve searched systems both big and small. Here’s what we found. These are the top picks we recommend to help you choose the right nursery pager system. (If you need to brush up on how to choose a nursery pager system, please see our previous article.)

Your Top Picks for Nursery Pager Systems

1. Long Range Systems 5 pagers Staff Paging Kit

Long Range Systems Staff Paging Kit

Best Overall Church Paging System

My top recommendation is the Long Range Systems Employee Paging Kit. This product is of excellent quality and a great value for money.

The kit includes a charger, transmitter, and pagers. Long Range Systems pagers are one of the most popular pagers today.

The kit’s long-range capabilities and long-lasting battery life are its greatest strengths. It can run for up to 72 hours at a super-fast frequency of between 420 and 470 MHz.

You can choose from 4 LED lights or an alert mode to change the sound and vibration.


  • Battery life is long-lasting
  • Long-range
  • Radio signals can be quickly transmitted
  • Simple setup
  • 4 LED lights
  • Rechargeable pagers
  • One-touch button paging
  • It is easy to have a pager
  • Dry erase name board


  • Can’t customize logo
  • The charging base requires a lot space.