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Is it Legal to Use an FM Transmitter for Church?

fm transmitter for church

Is it legal to Use an FM transmitter for church? That is the question that many church leaders are asking themselves these days. Let’s go in-depth into whether or not FM transmitters are legal for churches to use. Before we start, let’s cover some basic misconceptions.

What Is FM?

FM stands for frequency modulation. It is how most radio stations broadcast their audio, and it’s also how your car stereo works (unless you have a CD player or satellite radio). It is also used by analog wireless microphones, which was how most churches used them up until recently. TV stations use FM as well. So do many 2-way radio systems (such as the ones used by police officers).

North America has an FM frequency range from 88 MHz to 108 MHz.

In short, yes, FM transmitters are legal for churches to use at their discretion. We must also add the disclaimer “for the most part” because there may be some limitations on when and where you can use them.