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Small Church Stage Lighting: You Can Do It!

small church stage

Even a small church stage can be dramatical improved by good lighting–and you can do it!

First, set up a stage wash to illuminate the stage. The beams can be used to enhance the lighting and color of the stage. Spot lighting can be used to illuminate the faces of performers once these lights are in place.

Small Church Stage Lighting: You Can Do It!

1. Install Soft-Edged Lights to Set Up Your Small Church Stage

The most important aspect of small church stage lighting is the front lighting. It is important that everyone can see the stage. You may want to avoid brightening the whole stage.

Stage lighting layouts typically include soft-edge lighting fixtures that create a stage wash. This allows you to evenly light the stage without overwhelming the performers.

You can use a variety of lights for stage washing, such as Fresnel, Par Can, and Cyc lights.

Par Can lighting allows you to choose between narrow flood lighting and wide flood lighting. These lights provide an oblong coverage rather than a circular beam. You should not have problems washing the stage with light from a large flood Par Can light.

Fresnel lamps are another popular choice. These soft-edged lights are great for capturing images on video. These lights are great for front lighting if you plan live streaming or recording your event.

Cyc lights are best used to cover large areas. They can also be used in different combinations, making them more suitable for creating an atmosphere. You may also consider beam light fixtures.

2. Make an Atmosphere with Beam Lighting

Beam lighting can be used to create an atmosphere and add color to the stage. Beam lights are typically mounted higher than other light fixtures and pointed lower to the ground.

Beam light fixtures can cut through the stage‘s other lighting. These lights can be colored to create the right mood.

Cyc lighting can be used to create a sense of atmosphere. These fixtures can be used in a variety of colors, as mentioned. You can also use color gels with conventional lamps to alter the lighting. You can program LED Cyc lights with your lighting console to change the color.