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Why Did Google Kill Easy Church Tech?

Easy Church Tech
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You’re reading this page here at ChurchLeaders.com because Google decided it did not like websites like mine, Easy Church Tech, that provided helpful content to people who were looking for answers about church technology. So they shut down access to it. (This was not just about church technology but they have decimated sites similar to it. Check out these articles by HouseFresh , The Verge, and RetroDodo.)

Why Did Google Kill Easy Church Tech?

I have had to pivot. Church Technology is a very small niche. So when faced with my traffic being decimated, I realized that I really had no choice but to shut down the website. Social media would not make up the traffic that was needed to pay for the site.

If you are tired of the Google monopoly I suggest you divest yourself from all Google Products. Here are some options.

  • Use Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo as your search engine.
  • Use Firefox as your web browser. Brave, Edge, and other browsers are still using Chromium as the base technology and still sends data to Google.
  • Stop using Gmail and switch to Protonmail.
  • Stop using the Google publishing suite. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Etc.

Finally, if you would consider sharing this website with your church leaders, I provide inexpensive Bible studies for Sunday school, Mid-Week Bible studies, and home groups.


This article on how Google killed Easy Church Tech originally appeared here, and is used by permission. Pastor Duke Taber has been a contributor to ChurchLeaders.com for years. His new website, Answered Faith, focuses on equipping churches to make disciples.